Cameron Diaz Leaves No Child Behind In ‘Bad Teacher’ Red Band

You eat apples with that mouth, Cameron? Here's the trailer for that raunchy Cameron Diaz comedy that you've all been clamoring to touch your eyeballs against. Bad Teacher stars Diaz as a spoiled, lazy teacher who just doesn't give an F. Until she figures out that big boobs = being able to bang Justin Timberlake. From that point on she's ready to do whatever it takes to earn the money for a new pair of cans. Whatever it takes. Even doing her job. She's that desperate.

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'Sex Tape' Trailer: Jason Segel And Cameron Diaz Regret Boinking On Camera

It's a race against time to make sure Rob Corddry doesn't see Cameron Diaz's vagina. In the red-band trailer for Sex Tape, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star as a couple who are too busy buying iPads for everyone they've ever met and have let their sex life fallen by the wayside. To pull out of this rut, they decide to do things with one another's genitals in front of Steve Jobs' All-Seeing Eye. This footage is then somehow synced with the copious amounts of iPads they've gifted to family and friends and postal carriers (totally normal thing to do). From there, it's a race against time to make sure Rob Corddry doesn't see Cameron Diaz's vagina.


Green Band ‘Bad Teacher’ Teaser Probably Still Inappropriate For Children

See if you can spot all 26 differences! If the trailers and posters for the upcoming Bad Teacher are to be believed, Cameron Diaz wants to get in on that sweet Billy Bob Thornton stardom - since this appears to be a variation on the theme established by the Holiday classic Bad Santa. What next? Bad Salesman? Bad Assassin? Bad Prostitute? Maybe some weird/awesome combination of the three. Anyway, the trailer is pretty much just like the red-band trailer that was released previously, with some concessions to wholesome entertainment. For instance, instead of saying "hold my ball sack" at the end, Jason Segel says "hold my balls." One second while I send this trailer to my grandmother and some nuns. (via /Film)


The Comedy Stylings Of Cameron Diaz On Display In 'Gambit' Trailer

It's 2012's hijinksiest film. The Coen Brothers have veered once again into remake territory and the results seem to be ugh. A remake of the Michael Caine/Shirley Maclaine 1960's heist flick, Gambit, brings the Coens aboard as writers only. So they can't take the brunt of the blame like with The Ladykillers and Intolerable Cruelty. Those this film definitely has the same work-for-hire feel those movies share. Feel free to watch the trailer, but I should warn you that Cameron Diaz speaks in an over-the-top Southern accent. In other words, don't watch the trailer.


Kilowog Goes All Bad Teacher In First ‘Green Lantern’ Clip

No Lantern left behind, Kilowog. [post-album postid="15173" item="5"]If you want to be Green Lantern, you have to go through Kilowog first, as this clip from G4's"Attack of the Show" illustrates. Michael Clarke Duncan swung by the show to talk about having an awesome voice and portraying interstellar drill sergeant Kilowog. At first, I wasn't so hot on the Green Lantern, but the recent trailers and this clip have me getting kinda amped for it. Yes, it does look a bit like The Mask, but this clip could be far sillier than it is. All in all, it looks like a fun summer spectacle. Starring Duncan, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ryan Reynolds' head, Green Lantern opens in theaters June 17th. (Superhero Hype)


The Teacher Who Wore The Same Outfit for 40 Years - THE MOVIE

They'll adapt anything these days. Dale Irby was a gym teacher at a Dallas school for 40 years. He wore comfortable clothes normally but needed something presentable for Picture Day so he chose a shirt and vest. Then, he accidentally chose the same outfit the next year. At first, he was embarrassed. But his wife dared him to do it again so he did. Then he kept doing it. And doing it. AND DOING IT for his entire teaching career. This, is the trailer of the movie of his epic life.


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After 2 Million “Rush” Jokes, Segel And Rudd Are Allowed To Meet The Band

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's characters from 'I Love You, Man' finally meet Rush in this viral video quasi-sequel, which will hopefully serve as the actual sequel. Watching I Love You, Man, which was released in Russia under the title Two Closeted Gay Men Talk About Rush, really makes you wonder: what would happen if these two characters who won't shut up about Rush finally meet Rush? Now Funny Or Die has given us the answer. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's characters from the film meet their 80s band super-idols in this viral video quasi-sequel, which will hopefully serve as the actual sequel. In the video, Segel gets Rudd backstage passes to the local Rush concert and backstage shenanigans occur. A sandwich is eaten peculiarly, there's some mandatory 'awkward tension' and an admittedly cool-looking double guitar plays a key role. Also, some bittersweet news: "totes magotes" is spoken in the video, but not "Dude Von Dudenstein," "Sweet Sweet Hangin," and sadly, not one squiznot was popped for the entire 5:50 minutes. All you squiznot poppers out there will just have to keep writing that line into your I Love You, Man slash fiction. (/Film)


Cameron Crowe Should Have Made 'We Bought A Jail'

If you ever wondered how Matt Damon would fare in jail...better than you might have guessed. For those who prefer to watch guys get beaten and anally raped over families that buy zoos, this mashed-up trailer is for you. Some dear, dear soul took the trailer for the tepidly-received Cameron Crowe film We Bought a Zoo and mashed it up with The Shawshank Redemption. Adding elements of The Shawshank Redemption to anything is like inviting T-Pain to sing a verse on your hip-hop album - it always makes the original work better. I didn't see We Bought a Zoo because it was a Cameron Crowe film about a family that lost its mom and bought a damn zoo. I keep watching The Shawshank Redemption because it's a film about life in prison that features Morgan Freeman. It's virtually indisputable that the latter shines brighter than the former, and Crowe's purebred rock soundtrack meshes surprisingly well with the droning chants of "fresh fish."