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C-SPAN Investigates: Does Mitt Romney Have A Big Penis?

While covering the race for the Republican ticket, C-SPAN has been overwhelmed by callers who want to cut through the rhetoric and get down to the real issue. Just exactly how big is Mitt Romney’s penis? The broad-shouldered candidate stands at a height of 6’2″, so it’s certain to be impressive. I’m not saying that Mitt Romney‘s penis measures up to Barack Obama‘s but I’d wager to guess he’s somewhere in John Kerry territory.

So why is C-SPAN ignoring this issue? This refusal to give us well-rounded profiles on each candidate proves that their coverage of the election is in no way fair. It’s not like the American people can just go ask Romney. He’ll overembellish. You really can’t trust a politician.

Also, kudos to the prank caller for his New Hampshire accent. Nailed it. (MediaLite)

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