Business Lessons We've Learned From James Bond

Rule 1: Always get legally drunk before doing anything, ever. Because you're skimping on your tuition, let's call this class 101 of the Screen Junkies MBA*. We've seen what Mr. Suave can do with a gun, a car, and a woman, but he's also got the chops of a magnate that we haven't seen since Gordon Gekko or Thomas Crown. Thank CollegeHack for the education you're about to get. Now let's watch the millions roll in...         *Not a real MBA at all.

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Stephen Colbert, Upon Learning He's Been Educating His Viewers, Promises To Knock That Off Immediately

We're just here for the laughs, Steve. In response to the news that his viewers were better-informed about campaign finance reform than regular news viewers, Stephen Colbert has promised to stop informing his viewership, effective now. In this Colbert Report clip, he tackles the issue straight-on, telling the world that he would just want to be funny. Amidst the joking, he did manage to land one huge barb, letting the world know what we all think about Fox News. He said: "That’s right! I did abetter job of informing the public about campaign finance reform than every other news organization  — and CNN. So let that be a lesson to you Fox: show — don’t tell. If you want your viewers to have a better understanding of your editorial position, they need to see you sucking Ted Cruz’s balls." Don't look now, Stephen, but you're teaching us again...


This Video Gives Us Our First Glimpse Of 'Spectre' The New Bond Film

it's gonna be snowy and mountainous. The producers of the next Bond, Spectre, have decided to whet our appetite with a little behind the scenes footage of the production shooting in Austria. It's hard to know what to make of the footage, but it looks very James Bond-y, so we don't need to worry about it straying too far from the formula. Speaking of which, this installment will continue to take us around the world, shooting in London, Rome, Mexico City, Tangier and Erfoud in addition to the Austrian Alps. I don't know where Erfoud is, but it sounds like it's teeming with bad guys. I hope James Bond is able to clean that place up a little. In case you are STILL concerned about the plot of the James Bond film not being very Bond-y, here's the logline for the new one: "A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind Spectre." Yup. That sounds like a Bond film. (Deadline)


Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts Make Us All Nostalgic In ‘Larry Crowne’ Trailer

Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts. It's time to party like it's 1987-1999. Did I just timewarp back to 1995, or is this a brand new romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Alas, time travel isn't real, and so it's sadly just a regular ol' brand new romcom from this very year, 2o11. Larry Crowne, about a happy go lucky (read: seemingly a little dumb?) man, played by Hanks, who's fired from his job for lacking a college degree. Who should turn out to be his junior college speech professor but the queen of big smiles and winning laughs herself, J. Robz? Also, he rides a scooter and acts excited. It looks... well it looks like exactly what I just described. Larry Crowne is directed by Hanks and will invade theaters and your hearts July 1st.


Check Out The First Clip Of Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts In ‘Larry Crowne’

And Jimmy Kimmel is indirectly involved, too. Ah, movie stars. When you or I spend a month or two goofing off, it's vacation. When they do it, it's a summer tent pole with millions of dollars invested and millions more to be spent in marketing and promotion. So it is with Larry Crowne, what looks to be a delightful frolic starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, both of whom I've always preferred in comedies over heavy drama (this goes for Hanks especially). Anyway, you can watch the clip here, from Hanks' appearance last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The clip from the movie comes in at around one minute into the video. (via The Playlist)


This Should Be the New James Bond Theme

I didn't hate Chris Cornell's theme for Casino Royale, but I always wondered how much better it would've been if it was done by a cheeky British guy who sounds like he's been listening to Flight of the Conchords way too much. Now, thanks to this proposed Quantum of Solace theme song, I know. The verdict: Yeah, it's kind of funny, I guess. I didn't hate Chris Cornell's theme for Casino Royale, but I always wondered how much better it would've been if it was done by a cheeky British guy who sounds like he's been listening to Flight of the Conchords way too much. Now, thanks to this proposed Quantum of Solace theme song, I know. The verdict: Yeah, it's kind of funny, I guess. It's still not as funny as the version of the Jurassic Park theme posted after the break. Beware, it has naughty language so it might be a little NSFW.


James Bond Is Back In Spectre

Who could stay mad at that face? A new full length trailer for Spectre is here that helps answer a lot of questions. This time, Agent 007 has to travel around the world to blow things up and kiss different women. And this time it's personal AGAIN! Christoph Waltz steps out of the shadows to reveal that he has been raining peril and destruction on Bond all these years without the super agent even realizing it was him, hopefully leading Bond to reciting his famous catchphrase, "What do you want? A cookie??"


Stephen Hawking Wants To Be A Bond Villain, And We Want Him To As Well

He couldn't be worse than Sean Bean! While Stephen Hawking seems to have missed the boat on Bond 24, but there's always the next one. Or the next one. And so on. The disabled physicist has a parade of cameos and voice-over work to his name, but would like something a little more prominent in the future. He wants to be a Bond villain. Speaking to Wired, Hawking said, ""My ideal role would be a baddie in a James Bond film. I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part." I think so, too. And it would still be far less distracting than Javier Bardem's blonde hair. But would he be better than Christoph Waltz, who's supposedly playing the next villain? We'll have to cast them both and find out.


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite For Some Emmy Yuks in 'Barely Legal Pawn'

Also starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Looks like the Primetime Emmy committee also misses seeing Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Having been too busy committeeing for Godzilla or Need For Speed, they brought Breaking Bad's Walt and Jessie back for this Pawn Stars parody video also starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Created by the team behind Broad City, it's pretty funny throughout but worth watching all the way to the end. Give it a watch and don't forget to watch the Emmys and Godzilla and Need For Speed.