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‘Burning Palms’ Trailer: Better Late Than Never

With a limited release on January 14th, Burning Palms hasn’t had enjoyed much (read: any) public awareness, possibly because they haven’t released a trailer for the film until yesterday. Written and directed by Christopher B. Landon of Paranormal Activity 2 (and 3), Burning Palms is a Crash-type study of five intersecting lives, accompanied by the unfortunate tagline, “Five tales that will f%&# you up for life.” They should probably not let thirteen year-old boys jacked up on Mountain Dew do their PR and marketing going forward. Since that doesn’t answer many questions, a quick look at the trailer will convey that this is a movie about sin and moral bankruptcy in LA. It’s about time someone did a movie about that!

While it’s not quite A-list, the cast of Burning Palms is an interesting bunch with Dylan McDermott, Nick Stahl, Zoe Saldana, Paz Vega, and Shannen Doherty. The movie seems more concerned with the intersections themselves and taboo subject matter than it does with telling a compelling story, which could relegate this film as a cut-rate version of Brett Easton EllisThe Informers. Is there even such a thing? (/Film)

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