Bruce Wayne Learns The Vigilante Ropes In 'Batman: Year One' Trailer

We all grieve differently. [post-album postid="219236" item="6"]Warner Bros has released this trailer for Batman: Year One so that we're all very clear that Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered and years later he saw a bat and that prompted him to karate chop brick piles and become Batman. We're all good on those facts now, right? Adapted from Frank Miller's classic graphic novel (which served as an influence to Nolan's Batman), the animated film follows Bruce Wayne through his first year as Batman, back when he was still super-pissed about the whole murder of his parents thing. The O.C.'s Ben McKenzie stars as Batman (naturally) with Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon, Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Essen, and Eliza Dushku as Catwoman. Because everyone knows that Catwoman has a wicked Boston accent.

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This Supercut Of Bruce Wayne's Parents Dying Over And Over Is Pretty Fun

OMG! Don't make me pick one. I love them all! Batman's been made and remade likely dozens of times in different iterations. Video games, cartoons, TV shows, and movies have all made a meal out of poor Bruce Wayne's suffering. And now it's our turn. supercut.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Vulture put together a supercut that allows us to enjoy every murder of Bruce's parents all at once. No more staggering them! Vulture understands how busy we are. And so do we. So, without further ado, kick back, and enjoy the many, many murders of Bruce Wayne's parents that drove him to a life of unfulfilling vigilanteism.


Batman Gives Bruce Wayne A Call

What? Isn't this how we all spend our Friday nights?? [post-album postid="211258" item="3"]Forget about David Mamet's Atlantic Acting School and all the other distinguished learning centers devoted to the craft of performance. Aspiring actors need look no further than this clip from the 1960's "Batman" television series for all the tools they'll need. Discovered on BuzzFeed, Adam West does what we all thought impossible. In a master performance, he conducts a phone conversation with himself as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. The only way this could be funnier is if he were in his Batman costume, or if it was Christian Bale growling at himself.


Take A Look At 'Gotham' Before The Batman

It's the Muppet Babies version of Batman How many times do we need to watch Bruce Wayne's parents get murdered? Lots more I guess, because now there's a series devoted to the immediate fallout of that event that focuses on the earlier days of Gotham City while its defenders and costumed crazies were still Muppet Babies. A Smallville for the Batman universe, if you will. Gotham is anchored by a young Jim Gordon, the rookie officer who actually gives a damn. He navigates corruption, gangland politics, and the small time crooks who will one day harness the destructive powers of penguins, flowers, and being really good at riddles. I'll stick with the Tommy Wiseau version.


Katee Sackhoff Is Evil And Sexy In 'Sexy Evil Genius' Trailer

There's a good reason we don't look up our exes. In Sexy Evil Genius (now available on DVD and On-Demand) a group of strangers are lured to a downtown LA bar by Nikki, the ex-girlfriend they all have in common. Fresh out of prison for the murder of her last ex-boyfriend (who couldn't attend on account of being dead), Nikki is mysterious about her intentions and her current and former lovers soon realize they are all caught in one of her brilliant, mischievous mind-games with possible deadly consequences. Or maybe a gang-bang? I once went on a ski trip with an ex and unbeknownst to me, she invited a few of her other exes. It didn't end in murder though I wanted it to.


'Batman v Superman' Trailer: These Dudes Are So Going To Fight

No hitting, Batman. Use your words. With the Man of Steel getting all of the attention, Batman would like it to be known that he has balls of steel. Hence, his commitment to destroying Superman. The plot picks up after Superman's showdown with Zod destroyed a majority of Metropolis and cost countless lives - including those close to Bruce Wayne, who was on the ground that day. That loss plus the loss of his parents and Robin at the hands of the Joker have hardened the Batman to the point that he's ready to call out a nearly indestructible alien with godlike powers. And that was before Superman jacked up the Batmobile. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!


Stop Everything!!! This Guy On The Internet Has Something To Say About The Affleck-Batman Decision!

You seem to care an awful lot about a casting decision for a movie that won't be out for two years. Do you care as much about the fact that you're 45 pounds overweight? This guy seems to be beaten down by most every aspect of life, the Affleck news is just the icing on the cake. I hope that this isn't just a one-off video, but we get to watch fanboy here fall further and further into the depths of despair. I bet if Donald Glover had become Spider-Man, this guy would have just walked his downtrodden ass right in to oncoming traffic. For more, check out The Brand Rackley.