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Brett Ratner Made This Commercial Morning News

Call me a little bitch, but I never caught on to this whole Guitar Hero thing. I think my problem with it is that people who are really good at it are the opposite of Heroes. They should make a new game called “King Of Fake Guitar Playing Mountain Dew Gives Me Acne What Does A Boobie Feel Like.”  

Sho’nuff! It’s Samuel L. Jackson in The Last Dragon remake (HollywoodReporter)
David Heyman on the Half-Blooded Prince Delay (Comingsoon)
Oldman joins Washington for Book Of Eli (Empire)
Paramount acquires rights to Agnes Quill (Variety)
Darren Aronofsky talks RoboCop remake (Empire)
Marc Webb to direct Age of Rage (/film)
Ice Cube to exec produce, write NBC cop comedy (Variety)
Courteney Cox is quite the cougar (HollywoodReporter)


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