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Break Out The 90’s Rock: ‘American Reunion’ Trailer

As we all have been dreading, American Reunion inches closer to theaters with this theatrical trailer. And you know what? It doesn’t look so bad. I was quite the cynic when I heard the news, but it turns out that I kind of sort of missed those guys.

Perhaps what distinguishes this film from American Wedding (ugh) is the fact that the nostalgia here is a lot more warranted, and the kids are all grown up. Sure, there are some contrivances, like Eugene “Caterpillars” Levy banging out Stifler’s Mom and the whole babysitter plotline, but when I hear the opening notes of “Closing Time” by Semisonic, or that familiar chorus from “Laid” by James, I’m a dumb 19 year-old again.

Also, let’s all enjoy how similar 2012 Jason Biggs looks to 1999 Jason Biggs, and marvel at how Thomas Ian Nichols seems to have aged more than the once-homeless Natasha Lyonne. Poor Thomas Ian Nichols. He peaked with Little Big League. Or Rookie of the Year. Does it really matter which one he was ACTUALLY in?

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