Bradley Cooper Makes Louis C.K. Look Like A Reeaalll Dipsh*t

With a little help from the universe. You have to be careful what you say on British radio. During an appearance on The Stephen Merchant Show, Louis C.K. shared his view that audience members who ask questions on Inside The Actor's Studio will never go on to fame. “There’s no way you ask Sean Penn a question and then you’re going to be huge,” he said while obviously not taking into account Bradley Cooper's hypnotic blue eyes. As the video above puts together, the universe is a large, strange place that will slap you in the face if you dare to defy it. Much like James Lipton.

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Supercut: James Lipton Being A Sarcastic Rascal

What attracts you to odd hats? First, James Lipton is amazing. Any words I'm about to write are not meant to slight the man as he only brings joy. That said, he has a certain talent for asking the fluffiest softball questions of his Inside the Actor's Studio guests in an effort to fill up the show's run time. Normally when you watch, you shake your head, giggle, and continue to watch because it's somehow really engaging. But as the supercut of his silliest questions points out, when viewed out of context, he seems like a bitter, insulting master of dry sarcasm. He totally isn't, but, how sweet it would be if he were. (Vulture)


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Bradley Cooper Rocks Some Air Guitar On 'Fallon'

While looking like Sean Penn from 'Carlito's Way'. Taking a break from what must be a pretty PR tour for American Sniper, Bradley Cooper decided to cut loose, put on a big afro wig and pretend to play some Neils Young on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon just has a way of getting celebrities to do dumb stuff for our amusement. Good for him! The track Bradley Cooper chose to rock out to was Neil Young's "Down by the River." I think Cooper did a pretty good job. He's not gonna win the Air Guitar Championships, but entering wouldn't be a waste of his time.


Bradley Cooper Whores Himself Out To Big Pharmaceutical

In this faux pharmaceutical commercial, Bradley Cooper sells the life-changing drug NZT. The pill makes you sharper, stronger, faster, and smarter and Bradley Cooperier than you ever thought possible. This is a pretty cool way to promote the new film Limitless. In this faux pharmaceutical commercial, Bradley Cooper sells the life-changing drug NZT. The pill makes you sharper, stronger faster, and smarter and Bradley Cooperier than you ever thought possible. It awakens the full potential of brain, allowing you to gain super-human abilities. You'll master any language and remember everything you've ever seen or heard. Of course, with these pluses there are also minuses. Among them are paralysis, psychosis, homicidal blackouts, amnesia, irreversible coma, and death. Another unfortunate side effect of remembering everything you've ever seen or heard, is you'll never forget watching Case 39. But, hey, no diarrhea so that's good. (Movie Viral)


Bradley Cooper And Emma Stone Say 'Aloha' In The Trailer For Cameron Crowe's Next Film

Let's join a bunch of celebrities in Hawaii, ok? We've got the trailer for Cameron Crowe's upcoming film Aloha, starring, among others, Bradley Cooper, Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, and Bill Murray. You would think with all that talent behind it, we'd get a film (or at least a trailer) that has a little more nuance to it. Cooper plays a disenfranchised military guy who returns to his job and boss in Hawaii. McBride plays the best friend, and Emma Stone plays a comically attractive military liaison whose job it is to point out all the obvious tropes and cliches in this film. It looks likable, but Aloha, at least from this trailer, doesn't seem to have much weight behind it. It looks like well-worn territory for Crowe, and with Cooper coming off of American Sniper, I think this might not hold up so well.


David O. Russell Brings Every Famous Actor Together For 'American Hustle'

Come for the plot, stay for the wigs. For those of us too young to remember ABSCAM, that's why we have people like David O. Russell. ABSCAM was a sting operation in the 70's and 80's originally set to recover stolen property which ended up targeting corrupt public officials. The operation brought together a wild cast of characters, including con men, women of ill repute, and general bon vivants that very well could have been in jail were they not helping the U.S. government. In addition to serving justice, it served as a pretty great reason to get these miscreants together to party. The trailer features Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper filling out these roles nicely (and with some epic late-70's hair).


Universal Studios (Orlando) Adds A Duff Beer Garden And Lard Lad Donuts To Its Roster Of 'Simpsons' Eateries

The best thing in Florida since Limp Bizkit left. In case Luigi's Pizza, Krusty Burger, and Moe's Tavern aren't enough to satisfy your whimsical, fictional tastes while trolling around with the masses in Orlando, you can now open your refined palate to donuts and beer. Like a Rockefeller. The collection of eateries/drinkeries is known as Simpson Fast Food Boulevard, and it's a place I'm dying to see, and would undoubtedly be a place I would be dying to leave after about four minutes. Take a look!


Michael Mann Shares A Grizzled First Look At HBO’s ‘Luck’

It's fun to see all these accomplished actors dressed like the degenerates at the OTB. Luck - In Production - Watch more Funny Videos If you're a fan of HBO's "Deadwood" you have reason to open the peaches. Here's a first look at "Luck," the new HBO series from "Deadwood" writer David Milch and Heat director Michael Mann. The horse racing drama stars Dustin Hoffman as an organized crime kingpin with a penchant for kicking over tables, and Nick Nolte gets his twelfth shot at career redemption in the role of a broken-down Kentucky horse trainer given a second chance at redemption. Anyway, it looks great. Particularly the horse-racing scenes. The crew have found really inventive ways to get up in the action. Finally, we can feel the thrill of being a jockey without having to suffer the ridicule of being four-feet tall.