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Brad Pitt’s Kids Need A Good Belting In ‘Tree Of Life’ Clip

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This clip from Terrence Malick‘s Tree Of Life shows what happens when the story’s abused children get break from their a-hole dad. Without Brad Pitt around to handsomely abuse them, they have a pretty good time with their mom. They get to run around the house, yell their heads off, jump on the beds, and bring home lizards. They really need a good sock in the jaw, if you ask me and Brad Pitt.

Rules for my future children: Go to your rooms.

This montage is illustrative of Malick’s work. The sun pouring through the windows paints the scene with a serenity you rarely find outside of a lazy Saturday afternoon. Which means, in order to contrast, Brad Pitt is really going to have to lay the smack down something fierce when he gets back from his trip. These poor kids’ eyes are probably going to pop.

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