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Born Again To Kick Ass Links

You don’t mess with the Kung Fu Jesus. You just dont. That’s all, my disciples. Here are thine links. Click of them how you will. Now go forth and be bountiful in your mention of our hallowed site, and spread the word of Junkies.

An obituary that’s kinda hard to swallow (CNN)

Super Mega Huge Gran Torino Spoilers (Filmdrunk)

Entertainment Weekly’s 20 scariest movies ever (EntertainmentWeekly)

Robocop / Unicorn ’08 (Webupon)

Sinatra’s bastard son sings for Palin (FunnyorDie)

They’re not Judd Apatow. Really (NYTimes)

Brand new Futurama clip (Empire)

ILM Halloween Party Invitations (/films)

SXSW Film announces first batch of 2009 speakers (SXSW) 




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