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Borat Wins Lawsuit Against Cry Babies

You remember the Borat movie, right? Of course you do. It’s the movie that had everyone saying, "Niiiice," every two seconds. Well, the driving instructor and two of the etiquette coaches from the movie sued Sacha Baron Cohen for making them look stupid in front of the whole world. When a New York judge threw the case out, he made them look even dumber. Great success!

According to the case, the participants signed a release to be in a "documentary-style" movie. This is kind of like when all those girls took their tops off for a free hat in Cancun and ended up in Girls Gone Wild commercials that they show 10,000 times a night on comedy central. Then the judge said it was too bad that they were totally hammered on Jell-O shots, because they signed the papers and now their boobs were destined to be famous with creepy guys who don’t mind ordering Girls Gone Wild DVDs. It’s nice to see that the same legal system that’s royally screwing the Watchmen movie can at least do some good once in a while.

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