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Bonus Features: Wednesday Hump Dump

Hey, here’s a Star Wars parody to brighten up your afternoon. It’s better than all three Rush Hours combined. Oh, and if you’re planning out your TV-watching schedule tonight, you should put FX’s Son’s of Anarchy on your short list. I watched the first episode and it’s extremely fun. It’s not quite as serious as The Wire or The Shield but it has plenty of old fashion biker shenanigans to help you black out the day you just spent sitting in a cube. It helps if you wear a leather vest when you watch it. I know you have one.

Before you run out and buy Uwe Boll’s Postal on DVD, maybe you should think about watching the first 11-minutes of it online. If you still want to see it after that, there’s a free copy in you’re refrigerator, you just have to get in there and close the door to get it. (Film Wad)

This TV weatherman has 69 on the brain. He really should work on his diction. (Nothing Toxic)

Here’s a pretty good, if a little pretentious, list of 16 British TV shows that have come state-side. (AV Club)

Excited about Watchmen? Don’t get standing in line for tickets just yet. We won’t know whether it’s going to be released on time until the studio goes to court on January 6th, 2009. Until then, just learn to fight crime yourself. (Cinema Blend)

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