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Bonus Features: Tuesday’s Links

When Vlad Putin is not busy forcefully taking over massive energy companies and shelling pipelines in Georgia, he drops some sick Judo moves. AP had this video and I thought it was pretty great. Apparently he has an instructional DVD coming out. Judo is the new communism. So check out the links, dea brothers.

I played with Legos. Until zombies ate my entire family. So this brings back bad memories. (/Film)

Kevin Smith and Seth Rogan talking about a dude who can “S” his own “D.” If you know what I mean. (Quick Stop Entertainment)

FINALLY, some good looking women in a bond film. It’s about time. (Filmdrunk)

Johnny Deep gets paid the GDP of sub-Saharan Africa to make another movie about people who steal things using boats. (Playlist)

I seriously can’t wait for 28 Years Later. “Ok guys, we’ve waited 28 YEARS. There is NO WAY those zombies could POSSIBLY still be alive. Lets go back to London. (Ain’t it Cool)



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