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Bonus Features: Tuesday Link Dump…From Space

I like Andy Samdberg. I even thought Hot Rod was kind of funny, but I don’t get the hype people are giving this "Space Olympics" video. It seems kind of cheesy that SNL would save up all of their Olympics jokes and just use them on the season premiere even though they’re a month too late. I can’t wait until next February when they bust out their World Series jokes.

IMDB has added full TV shows and movies to its arsenal of crap to waste time with, making it the number two worst enemy of productivity, right behind masturbation. (IMDB)

Alicia Keys, who recorded a track for the upcoming Quantum of Solace, reportedly wants to be a Bond girl in the next installment. We fully support her in her efforts. (Reel Movie News

Want to be Jealous of how much money Toby Maguire is going to get for the next two Spiderman movies? Here’s a hint: It rhymes with bifty million. (Can Mag

Think child actors are all fuck-ups? Well, most of them are. But, here’s a list of 19 who actually went on to do something respectable. (A.V. Club

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