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Bonus Features: Thursday’s Links

As usual, things happen that we don’t have the time to slander. Here’s today’s list. It involves a Disney movie for The Rock, Megan Fox, a stolen childhood memory, Playboy playmates, and even more gratuitous T&A.

There’s a rumor going around that someone stole the Knight Rider Car a few days ago. Some people are saying it’s a pr stunt, but our contacts at NBC wont give us a straight answer. We want to say it’s a fake but just don’t know. Here’s some footage.

Finally, a decent, respectable role where The Rock can flex his acting muscle (from /Film)

Here’s Megan Fox auditioning to be my girlfriend. NOT! HA HA! OH I GOT YOU GOOD (from io9).

The answer to this one is easy: In a Box, in a closet at my parents house, hopefully in a place where my mom won’t find them. (from Asylum)

And for something totally unrelated to movies or tv. It’s just gratuitous T&A in the form of Bianca Beauchamp (from the perverts at Holy Taco).


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Don’t you just hate when Darth Vader acts like a jerk? In other news, I got the DVD of Salo from Netflix the other day and put it on last night. I now understand why it was so hard to get here in the US for so long. This is easily one of the most fucked up movies I have ever seen. I mean, it’s no Must Love Dogs, but it’s still pretty bad.

Check out some of the special features from the upcoming Iron Man DVD. (Super Hero Hype)

Here’s a list of 10 movies that are bound to be remade. Sigh. (Screen Rant

Didn’t catch The Dark Knight in IMAX? Stop kicking yourself and go wait in line. It’s going to be back on the big screen in January. (Cinematical

Following the huge success of Walk the Line and Ray, there’s going to be a movie about the life of Liberace, possibly starring Michael Douglas. The only difference I can really see is that Ray Charles and Johnny Cash are awesome where as Liberace’s music made sane people want to commit suicide. (Movie Hole

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I hesitate to post a friggin’ commercial to the site, but when it has new material from The Office, I feel kind of obligated. Check out Jim’s new Olympic sport. Even the commercials for that show are pretty funny. I honestly can’t wait for it to come back in September (end fanboy gushing). But, since that’s not for more than a month, use some of these links to kill time. Whatever you do, don’t go outside and enjoy the weather.

Rober Downey Jr. Talks Crap on The Dark Knight. Sick burn! (hecklerspray)

A classic midget fight from Jerry Springer. (Youtube)

The 8 creepiest horror movie mirror scenes. Mirrors not included. (Maxim)

The 10 best moments from To Catch a Predator want you to have a seat right over there, please. (Best Week Ever)

The 10 reasons no one cares about Wonder Woman. (For the record, we do, but only a little.) (Topless Robot)

And a photo that made me laugh very loudly today:

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