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Bonus Features: Thursday’s Colorful Links

Sony has made some awesome commercials for their Bravia TVs, but of course we never get to see them here in the States. This one has to do with some big ass dominoes falling all over the place. It’s not quite as cool as the one with all the paint, but it’s worth watching none the less. Here are a few links to help kill the hours before The Office.

iTunes will now sell you HD versions of your favorite shows. That should come in handy when you’re watching them on the tiny screen of your iPod. (Pocket Lint)

Hey look, that guys has the new poster for The Spirit! (Film Drunk)

Watch Audrina from The Hills get soaked for charity. Things to note about this clip: Ellen can seriously throw a softball and she’s also wearing the exact same thing as me today. (Drunken Stepfather)

How many times have you heard someone say, "Who put this dick on my back?" on the news today? Now it’s at least one. (Wall Street Fighter)

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