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Bonus Features: Putting the “C” in CNN

Boy, this political race sure is getting dirty. First Fox News got all fired up about that Sarah Palin shirt and now CNN is going all potty mouth. Oh well, here are some nice, clean links to rescue your brain out of the gutter. Thanks to Holy Taco for pointing out the video.

I would normally be bored by a list of ways movies can teach us to survive the credit crunch, but I have to give this one credit for making the first entry "kill yourself." (Total Film)

If they really want to get rid of cigarettes in TV and movies, Mad Men is going to have a really tough time. (Den of Geek)

See what it’s like to be a real-life Kenneth from 30 Rock. Here’s a hint from some people I know who have done it: "It sucks." (New York Times)

These are the 13 best gun moments from The Daily Show. Boom. (Comedy Central Insider)

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