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Bonus Features: Post-Labor Day Links

Hey, you know what’s not funny? The fact that it’s Tuesday, but to you, it feels like a Monday. We all had a three day weekend, so there’s a good chance many of us accidentally thought today was Monday, but then we corrected ourselves. We didn’t feel the need to tell everyone several times and then ask, "How funny is that?" It’s not funny at all. But, don’t let my bitterness spoil these wonderful links for you.

There are more new clips from The Life and Times of Tim up for your watching pleasure. They’re awkward in a really funny way, not in the tragic, "everyone is harrier than me here in this gym class shower," kind of way. (Break)

Watch Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson talk about how Ortega makes her "taco pop." That sounds like something that happens as a result of a balance beam injury rather than a delicious blend of tomatoes, cilantro and onion. (Wall Stree Fighter)

So far, most of the "leaked" looks at the Transformers 2 set have just looked like normal cars sitting there or Shia walking around shirtless, but these shots at least have some explosions. That-a-boy, Michael Bay. (Filmofilia)

The 65th Annual Venice Film Festival sounds boring, but I would go there to watch Natalie Portman look super hot in a "I’m too smart for my own tits" kind of way. (Daily Stab)

Miss last night’s Prison Break premiere? So did just about everybody else. Catch up on Hulu. (Hulu)

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