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Bonus Features: Monday’s Links

I always thought Warner Bros. might have stolen their marketing campaign for the Joker from a Japanese kid show, and now I’m sure of it. No one will ever have to ask these little girls "Why so serious?" And hey, it’s kind of a slow news day, so be thankful I didn’t post a review of that crappy new Star Wars movie.

Bad-ass, red-band Righteous Kill trailer has lots of violence and bad language (Trailer Addict)

Tropic Thunder finally knocks Batman off of his perch ato the box office. (MTV)

Ever wonder what The Dark Knight would be like if it was a gay porn? Don’t worry, they’re just drawings and they’re mostly SFW (io9)

Lame video of Star Wars crap super-imposed over San Francisco that nerds won’t shut up about. (Current)

10 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Moments are definitely great. (Double Viking)

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