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Bonus Features: Links Worthy of a Thursday

I have no idea what "Unleashed" is, but they seem to be disturbed by watching it, which is enough to make me interested. I guess it’s the same part of my psyche that made me end up watching 2 girls 1 cup 60 times in a single week. That part of me is kind of messed up, but it’s better than the part that makes me steal. Here are some links.

Apparently ther are some spoiler photos out there for Quantum of Solace. I haven’t looked at them, so I can’t tell you whether they suck or not. That’s a choice you’re going to have to make on your own. (I Watch Stuff)

Hey look, they’ve added another new Transformer and it’s some crappy little hatchback named Skids. I bet he got beat up in Transformer grade school. (/Film)

I’m jealous of A.V. Club for getting to hang out with Patton Oswalt. Dude is hilarious.

In case you missed last night’s South Park, you can catch the whole thing for free at South Park Studios

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