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Bonus Features: Link Dump Bailout

There’s an awful lot of people worrying about the economy right now, and I’ve found that the best way to deal with that is by burying your head in a big ass pile of movies and TV. Here are some links to help you kill the pain. And above is a very annoying guy who seems to have a lot of displaced anger he wants to take out on Matt Damon.

This SFW list of horror movie nude scenes has enough side boob to warrant a look. (

Just in case you have never seen it, here’s a fight between a zombie and a shark. I bet you can guess who wins. (Film Drunk)

How the hell did all of Jurassic Park get on Youtube? (Youtube)

We didn’t make it to Fantastic Fest this year. But I did sit in the Newark airport all day today. Here’s some Bill Murray talking about Ghostbusters 3 that we missed. (Spike)

Now, time to go jump off a window ledge.


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