Biggest Golden Globe Surprises (2017)

They came, they drank, they made passionate speeches. The Golden Globes are over, and we’re breaking down the biggest upsets and most memorable moments as well as following up on last week’s Golden Globe Prediction Challenge on this morning’s Screen Junkies News.

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Episode 91

Infinity War: Marvel Teases Multiple Worlds

Marvel teases multiple worlds in the anticipated Infinity War film.

17 mins 16 hours ago

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Infinity War: Marvel Teases Multiple Worlds

Marvel teases multiple worlds in the anticipated Infinity War film.

17min | Aired on 01/18/17


Baby Groot IS Bart Simpson!

Screen Junkies News went to Brazil Comic-Con to interview Vin Diesel, Nina Dobrev and Michael Bisping from xXx: Return of Xander Cage....

5min | Aired on 01/17/17


Deadpool Meets James Bond - LET’S SPECULATE!

So Deadpool, Wolverine and James Bond walk into a bar, never heard this one before? Well it could mean Cable casting news. Let’s...

8min | Aired on 01/17/17


Dumb Kids Movies - Are Any Good For Adults?

Monster Trucks is a movie made for kids - and made by kids! We all have movies we loved as kids, but is there anything that can make a...

12min | Aired on 01/15/17


Tom Hardy Teases Mad Max 2

Tom Hardy teases the future of Mad Max at The Critics Association event this week - WITNESS HIM GEORGE MILLER!

6min | Aired on 01/14/17


Deadpool Whips Out An Oscar Video

Deadpool released a For Your Consideration video as part of the Oscar Race. Can Ryan Reynolds charmingly ass-kick his way to Best Actor?!

10min | Aired on 01/14/17


The Exorcist Screen Writer Dies At 89

Legendary horror writer William Peter Blatty passes away. Screen Junkies News talks about his legacy and his most well known work – The...

5min | Aired on 01/14/17


We Break Down The Defenders First Look

Marvel’s The Defenders grace the recent cover of Entertainment Weekly and we’re picking apart the newly released images to squeeze out...

6min | Aired on 01/14/17


When Biopics Go Right (And Wrong)

How do you memorialize an iconic life on film? And in doing so, what part of that person’s story are you responsible to document?

8min | Aired on 01/16/17


NEW Green Lantern Buddy Cop Movie - Lethal Weapon in Space!

DC has seen the green light! Green Lantern Corps is on its way - I wonder if that nice Canadian boy is busy?

15min | Aired on 01/12/17