Best SNL Movie Star

1. What movie character would make the best roommate? 2. MONSTER TRUCKS is out this week so we want to know what movie seems the most like it was a young child’s idea? 3. What SNL alumni has had the best movie career? 4. In honor of BYE BYE MAN - what is the best movie with the worst title? 5. In honor of the “Home Alone with Blood” parody - What movie would be better if it was really bloody/gory?

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Episode 12

Is Star Wars in Trouble?

1. What movie character / franchise do you want to see incorporate time travel in a sequel (that hasn't already) 2....

87 mins 4 days ago

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Is Star Wars in Trouble?

1. What movie character / franchise do you want to see incorporate time travel in a sequel (that hasn't already) 2. IS STAR WARS IN...

87min | Aired on 06/22/17


Who is The Best Pixar Character?

1. Best Pixar character 2. Best vocal performance in any Pixar movie? (@dxrthvaders) 3. Which Pixar character should be next to get...

100min | Aired on 06/16/17


What Monster Movie Could Save The Mummy’s Dark Universe?

1. Who do you want to join Universal’s Dark Universe - Pitch the actor and the Universal monster they’d play 2. Choose a New director for...

111min | Aired on 06/08/17


Best DC Movie?!

1. Best DC Comics Movie Adaptation 2. Best overall character: Batman v. Superman v. Wonder Woman 3.@irh_2001: Worst DC movie? 4....

89min | Aired on 06/01/17


Worst Movie of the Alien Franchise?

1) @ProjectAvant: Worst movie of the “Alien” franchise? 2) @GarrettMcDowel13: Pitch the Venom Movie Solo Film 3) @JoeyTCartoonP: Improve...

95min | Aired on 05/25/17


Best Nicholas Cage Performance?! - CAGE MATCH!!

1) What performance best defines the essence of “Nicolas Cage”? 2)@yahboyantman: Seriously, What is Nicholas Cage’s Best Performance? 3)...

99min | Aired on 05/18/17


Who's The Best Guardian of The Galaxy?

1. Who’s the best Guardian of the Galaxy? 2. Best use of a song in either “Guardians” movie? (@Thomcich) 3. Pitch a Guardians spin-off?...

103min | Aired on 05/12/17


Pitch the 1980s Guardians of the Galaxy - WEIRD MOVIE FIGHTS!!

1. What movie character would have the best podcast? 2. Cast the main characters of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY if it was made in the 80's....

80min | Aired on 05/04/17


Who Is The Best Car from Cars??

1. In honor of Baby Groot, Who’s the all-time most adorable movie character? 2. Another X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga movie announced, Whats...

113min | Aired on 04/27/17


What Avengers Actor Is the Most Replaceable?

1. What Avengers actor is the most replaceable? 2. What role would you most want to see an older actor revisit using technology? 3. What...

85min | Aired on 04/21/17