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Bernal and Hudson Turn ‘Heaven’ Into Hell

The U.K. trailer for A Little Bit of Heaven has just been released. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Kate Hudson movie, and nothing you would expect from a Gael Garcia Bernal film. Which is a very, very bad thing. The plot of A Little Bit of Heaven is essentially, “Kate Hudson is a successful career woman who doesn’t believe in love. But wait! Here come the romantic Bernal…” It appears from the trailer that using Bernal’s charms to salvage this film is the equivalent of shooting a BB gun at a giggling, hackneyed freight train.

There’s a small chance that the film is not as derivative as it may seem, but that’s just because any film that is able to snag Bernal, Kathy Bates, Whoopi Goldberg, Romany Malco, and Peter Dinklage can’t be completely awful. Right? Right?

The UK release date for A Little Bit of Heaven is February 4th. The US release is planned for later in the year, which explains why we’re watching the UK trailer, which seems to be a perfect fit for American Kate Hudson fans too. Maybe Kate Hudson is a constant across nations and cultures. Or maybe there’s just bad taste in every country.

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