Benedict Cumberbatch Does A Wicked Jar-Jar Binks Impression

Why? Because he can, that's why. Big ups to fanboy (and especially fangirl) fave Benedict Cumberbatch, who, despite his upright British manner and role selection, seems to be something of a giant goofball. In this interview, with little prompting, Benedict, who calls himself a bit of a poseur when it comes to fanboy culture, offers up not one, but two killer impressions. The first, as mentioned in the title, is nobody's favorite Star Wars character, Jar-Jar Binks. The second, slightly more understandable impression, is Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Take a look and fall in love with Cumberbatch all over again.

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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Break Nazi Codes In 'The Imitation Game'

He plays an intelligent British man. Stop us if you've heard this one before. After having dabbled in Star Trek and The Hobbit, Benedict Cumberbatch has returned to more human pursuits. This time, he's playing renowned codebreaker Alan Turing, who uses his math skills to put those damn Nazis in their place during WWII. Keira Knightley will play friend Joan Clarke, and lots of other British actors you may or may not recognize, but certainly don't know by name, will be in it. The Imitation Game will also dive into some of the darker aspects of Turing's life, like his incarceration in the 1950's for being a homosexual, and his suicide shortly thereafter. Codebreaking!


Jon Stewart Tells Benedict Cumberbatch He Wants To Rip His Clothes Off

But, like, in a professional, journalistic way, I'm sure. Benedict Cumberbatch sure has been making the rounds recently to promote The Imitation Game. It seems you can't swing a dead cat without some story about Cumberbatch being charming as hell and imitating the Queen or turning toxic waste into roses or something. The guy is matched only by Chris Pratt in the "can do no wrong" category. So it's little surprise that Daily Show host Jon Stewart had a hard time controlling his urges when interviewing the British actor. In fact, Jon Stewart didn't just have a hard time controlling his urges, he ignored them completely, asking Ben to remove his clothes.


Latest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Focuses On Alice Eve In Underwear (And Reveals Benedict Cumberbatch's Character)

Plus, an Easter Egg! We've seen a few trailers at this point and heard all of the rumors but now, thanks to this UK trailer, we finally see the proof with our own eyes and ears. Alice Eve does indeed show up in skimpy underwear in Star Trek Into Darkness. Oh, and the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain is revealed at long last. Cumberbatch plays John Harrison, a top Starfleet agent who is now dedicated to f*cking up their sh*t. Against Starfleet's wishes, Chris Pine's Kirk vows to bring Harrison to justice. The young captain seems in over his head as his reckless pursuit of the terrorist puts his crew and loved ones in jeopardy. Now, back to Alice Eve in her underwear. The not-easily-distracted folks at TrekMovie noticed an URL hidden in the shot of Ms. Eve showing off her space panties which did not lead to more pictures of Eve sadly. Instead, it revealed the film's new international poster. How did I not notice that? Just think of all the coded messages I may have missed by oogling actresses in their underwear all these years?


Benedict Cumberbatch Said Smaug Motion Capture Suit Made Him Feel 'Like An Idiot'

Somewhere, Andy Serkis just collapsed to the ground. There's a price to pay for being in the adaptation of a Tolkien work. You have to appear very small, or have hairy feet, or...something. It's mostly downside, apart from the prestige. And the normally agreeable Benedict Cumberbatch admitted to Radio Times that playing Smaug in a motion capture suit, he looked like an "idiot," and a "penis." I agree with the first one, but don't really see the second one. Maybe he's seen some grey penises in body stockings with little ping pong balls attached. I can't speak to his experiences. Anyway, take a look at what went into making Smaug for The Hobbit film. Not only was it costly, but the producers made Benedict Cumberbatch feel like a penis.


'Star Trek Into Darkness' Looks Like 'The Avengers' In This New Trailer

With more lens flare, natch. Last time around, the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer focused on whoever the Hell Benedict Cumberbatch is playing and how he hates the sh*t out of the Enterprise crew. This time around we're greeted by the smokey drag of Bruce Greenwood's voice telling Kirk that he's kind of a dick, and being a dick in outer space gets everyone killed. Then we shots of a huge funeral. Smooth move, Kirk. In addition to this lecture, we see some new footage of extreme outer space base-jumping, some extreme on Earth base-jumping, space ships falling out of the air, and Benedict Cumberbatch standing in a glass cell like Loki. Still no footage of the Hulk yet.


'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer: Wrath Of Some Guy

Whoever this guy is, he's pissed. After long speculation about the film's plot and central villain, the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer is here and puts to rest all of our questions. In all fairness, our only question was will there be explosions. Answer is yes. Though we don't learn the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain or his motive for blowing so much stuff up, an alternate Japanese trailer (below) features more footage that insinuates he may be playing Khan. Though that could be J.J. Abrams messing with us. All we know at this point is that Cumberbatch is not a tribble.


Fanboy Porn! Watch a Blacksmith Craft a <i>Game of Thrones</i> Sword

Master blacksmith Tony Swatton forges Hollywood's most famous weapons. First up: Jaime Lannister’s Kingslayer sword from Game of Thrones. Who says TV rots your brain? Break Media's new YouTube channel, AWE me, actually aims to expand it. But in a cool way. With Tony Swatton, a blacksmith/propmaker who has worked on loads of big movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Spider-Man, The Last Samurai and The Ring. He's the star of their new show, Man at Arms, and each week he'll be crafting an iconic weapon, like Batman's Batarang or Odd Job's Hat. But first, Jaime Lannister’s Kingslayer sword from Game of Thrones. You know you want one...


Steve Coogan And Rob Brydon Give Us More Michael Caine Impressions

It's for the sequel to 'The Trip'. It's for The Trip To Italy, the sequel of sorts to The Trip, which saw the two comedians, in a pseudo-documentary format, travel around, eat, and not do much else. It was originally a mini-series, then was edited to become a feature film. They're back at it in Italy, where the food is better, and the Michael Caine impressions are less delighting, but still very, very funny. "YOU WERE JUST SUPPOSED TO BLOW THE BLOODY DOORS OFF!"