Ben Stiller Takes On Scrooge McDuck In 'Tower Heist' Trailer

Under the tutelage of lovable criminal, Eddie Murphy. When Alan Alda's Madoff-esque fat cat character absconds with the pensions of all his professional slaves, Ben Stiller rises to action. He bands together with the former employees to infiltrate his penthouse fortress to try to take what belongs to them. Hence, The Tower Heist. Movies like New Year's Eve should take note. THIS is how you make a comedy with an ensemble cast. You use likable actors like Matthew Broderick. That way, audiences are happy and the Broderick-Parker children are still fed. Everyone wins!!

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First Trailer For Ben Affleck's Heist Movie 'The Town'

Miss New England 2008 Attractive women in New England are few and far between, so when you meet one you had better jump on it. It doesn't matter where you meet. The bar, the Market Basket, and the bank that you are currently robbing are all perfectly acceptable places to pick up a comely, young lass. And that's exactly what Ben Affleck does in the trailer for his second directorial effort The Town. In this daring sequel, Jeremy Renner plays Will Hunting and Affleck reprises his role as Chuckie, who are now bank robbers inexplicably (note to self: fact check this later). Chuckie meets Rebecca Hall during a robbery and develops an attraction to her, even though he's got Blake Lively at home in denim cut-offs. Then Don Draper shows up and is all Mr. FBI Guy and there are a few shoot-outs and Slipknot masks. All in all, it looks really good! I'll see it. WATCH A MOODY MEDITATION ON WHAT DRIVES ONE TO STEAL, AND ALSO BLAKE LIVELY IN DENIM CUT-OFFS AFTER THE JUMP...


Ben Stiller Tries To Capture Someone Else's Youth In 'While We're Young'

When a Beastie Boy insults your ironic accessorizing, you've gone too far. In Noah Baumbach's While We're Young, Ben Stiller takes a break from being chased around by dinosaur bones to chase around hipsters. The story focuses on he and his wife, Naomi Watts, befriending a younger couple played by Brooklyn posterboy Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried. Watch and laugh as the total oldsters try to dance to hip-hop and look silly wearing hats. For the record, Ben Stiller, when Ad-Roc tells you that you your attempt to look ironic in a silly hat is stupid, he's speaking from an informed place.


'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' Features Ben Stiller In Way Over His Head

How does this not star Jim Carrey? We all know there are two Ben Stiller characters out there. There's over the top evil guy, like we see in Dodgeball, and then there's the befuddled everyman, which we see in almost everything else. Now, we get to see an EXTREMELY befuddled Ben Stiller in way over his head, imagining he's about a million different badass characters, but still being Ben Stiller-ish at the same time. The man really can act, can't he?


'Night At The Museum 3' Trailer May Suggest Ben Stiller Should Just Stay Away From Museums Altogether

From now on, only libraries or less for this guy. Ben Stiller's character has had some crazy nights in museums over the past decade, but that doesn't mean he's learned his lesson. At least in A Night at the Museum 3, it seems that being trapped in museums is at least now a conscientious decision, and not just some zany set of circumstances. That's the good news. The bad news is that doesn't deter Robin Williams from appearing in this film. Depending on how you view these things, his presence might be cancelled out by Ben Kingsley's. If you hate Robin Williams AND Ben Kingsley, then I'm sorry to say that this might not be the film for you.


Let The Great Sperm Heist Begin In 'The Babymakers' Trailer

Sperm! Romantic comedies come in two basic flavors nowadays: Sweet, gentle, watch-with-your-parents types, and raunchy keep-the-kids-as-far-away-as-you-possibly-can-dear-sweet-Jesus-in-heaven types. Interestingly, this red band trailer for The Babymakers seems to be pitched somewhere in between. Yeah, there are lots of references to sperm and related fluids, but the overall raunch factor is relatively tame. But, it's about a guy breaking into a sperm bank to steal back his own sperm, so I still recommend watching it. Also, the movie stars Olivia Munn, Paul Schneider, Aisha Tyler, and a regrettably-trailer-absent Wood Harris of The Wire, so check it out if you are into one or more of those people.


A New 'Masterminds' Trailer Puts Kristen Wiig And Zach Galifianakis In Their Own Little Heist Movie

It's based on some real-life criminals, who I'm guessing are all in jail right now. If I was going to commit a complicated crime, I'm not sure that Zach Galifianakis would be among my first choices to help out. Kristen Wiig might be slightly higher on that list, but still not "high." However, if I was going for comedy, they'd probably be draft picks #1 and #2. Masterminds is based on a true story of an armored car driver lured into a heist, but I'm guessing that things didn't go down EXACTLY as they did in this new trailer. Because if they did, those are some terrible real-life criminals. Here's the trailer. We get it in theaters August 19th.


'Argo' Trailer: Director Ben Affleck Is 3 For 3

With another quality film under his belt, Ben Affleck has put 'Gigli' in his rearview. Ben Affleck is back with his third directorial feature Argo and it looks like the sumbitch has done it again. Here the director also stars as a CIA agent who hatches the kooky plan of rescuing American hostages from late 70's Iran by disguising them as the crew of a Canadian sci-fi film. That fake film is titled Argo and not Killer Poutine like I would have expected. Do they want to open to 200 million loonies or what? And just what the eff is an Argo? Sounds like the way Ben Affleck pronounces "ergo."