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Because We’re Not Total Monsters, Here’s ‘Lady And The Tramp’ With Real Dogs

This is pretty damn cute. It’s also an ad for Disney‘s Lady and the Tramp (now on Blu-Ray!) DVD, but whatever. We have to do something to make up for that Valentines Day dildo piece we ran earlier today. (sigh)

The dogs seem pretty heavily sedated and uneasy, but isn’t that how love makes you feel? I think so. Also, they didn’t even give the dogs real meatballs, but let’s pretend that right after this scene ended, the dogs were given a tray of meatballs, then made love, doggy-style, in a candle-lit dog house.

So here’s to the purest love we know – dog love used to sell copies of a re-released film, now available on Blu-Ray!

Now go eat those chocolates!

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