Beautiful Don't You Think? First Trailer For Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity'

Further proof that space sucks. It took years to bring to the screen on account on nobody really wanting to be in it, but Alfonso Cuaron was finally successful in making Gravity. And now that film has a trailer. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock star as an astronaut and a scientist left stranded when their spacewalk goes awry. Hurtling out of control in their spacesuits, the pair cling to one another while searching for a way to contact Earth. Luckily for them, there is no such thing as space sharks.

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'Gravity' Featurette Lets You Know How They Did That Space Stuff

(Hint: special effects) Just in time for Oscar voting season (you are a voting Academy member, AREN'T YOU?), the producers behind Gravity have released this fun featurette that shows you just how hard they've worked in bringing you a film about people tumbling through space. It's pretty impressive to see what was done. This Gravity behind-the-scenes look has all the technological marvel of a James Cameron film, but with 100% less James Cameron. Win-win!


Ugh, Space Zombies Are Real Pain In The Neck In 'Last Days Of Mars' Trailer

This is how it's done, 'Prometheus'! One thing seemingly lacking from Alfonso Cuaron's highly-anticipated Gravity is space zombies. It's a real missed opportunity. George Clooney's loss is Liev Schreiber's gain. In Last Days of Mars, he stars as an astronaut tasked with keeping space zombies from infecting his fellow crew members and, more importantly, spreading their gross Space AIDs or whatever to Earth. This is how it's done, Prometheus!


New 'The A-Team' Trailer Spits in Gravity's Face

"Just sliding down a building with my feet. No big deal." Warning: If you thought the last trailer for The A-Team was ridiculous you better redefine your idea of the word. Otherwise this new trailer will boggle your sense of reason so completely that you may need to self inflict pain in order to keep a firm grasp on reality. Most of this is Rampage Jackson's doing. Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, and the aforementioned gravity-defying Jackson all look like badasses in the action-packed trailer, but I think it's Patrick Wilson who really deserves a shoutout. Not only is he playing the villain, which we don't see much from him, but there's no indication that he's in danger of losing his testicles in this movie. After Hard Candy and Barry Munday, Wilson must have wanted to branch out and take on one of those "non-castration" type of roles. Check out The A Team trailer after the jump, if you're capable of suspending your sense of disbelief.


Alfonso Ribeiro Gave Us The 'Carlton Dance' Last Night On 'Dancing With The Stars'

And yes, he danced to "It's Not Unusual." Last night, former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro gave the people what they wanted on Dancing with the Stars. And what they wanted was to watch his character Carlton do his little Carlton dance. He did, and it received wild applause from the audience. While Ribeiro is known as a bit of a one-hit wonder in his portrayal of the preppy cousin, he seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about it. His philosophy was to make the audience wait a couple weeks in the contest, then drop it on them, just as they thought they might not get it. Judging by the reaction, it worked. So check out a nice little piece of your childhood with this clip.


Extended GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Shows Off More Action

Early reports are this film is better than you could ever imagine. Guardians of the Galaxy is back with an extended trailer to further convince you to see the film. It also does a great job of convincing me to download "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways. Marvel screened 17 minutes of footage from the film in IMAX and if the early reactions can be trusted, this film is going to be massive. According to Latino Review, the 3D is used to great effect for the sequences set in space. Think Gravity with much more to look at than Sandra Bullock's face pasted on an astronaut's body. Performance-wise, Chris Pratt's muscles are about to become straight up celebrities and parents are going to have to be ever vigilant if they want to stop their children from approaching raccoons. Sounds like Marvel's streak will continue. It's their galaxy. We just live in it.


New ‘Fast Five’ Trailer Knees Gravity In The Taint From Behind

Move over Cars 2 trailer. Your reign as today's most exciting auto-centric film trailer has come to an end. Move over Cars 2 trailer. Your reign as today's most exciting auto-centric film trailer has come to an end. Behold the latest trailer for Fast Five. It gives us all the things you'd expect from this film. Fast cars chasin faster cars, fast cars speeding alongside trains, people hanging out of fast cars, people making out while driving fast cars, Vin Diesel and The Rock sweating and rolling around on top of one another', Ludacris being sassy, gatlin guns, base jumping out of plummeting cars, and the crew walking in slow motion on a beach while wearing white outfits. It's just like the previous films mixed together with a little sprinkle of Boyz II Men video added for taste.


Angels And Airwaves Take Emo Into Space With 'Love'

Angel's and Airwave's frontman Tom DeLonge has produced and scored a film with the Google-proof title of 'Love.' Angel's and Airwave's frontman Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink-182 notoriety) has decided to take his sweeping emotional sensibility to film as producer and scorer of a film with the Google-proof title of Love. Love follows an astronaut named Lee Miller who, while on a solo mission, has to fight to maintain his sanity and save his own life. Based on that description alone, it's small wonder that the film is drawing comparisons to Moon, Solaris, and the benchmark fo the genre, 2001. While any cross-disciplanary dalliances by musicians into the film world are cause for skepticism, it appears that Love has a pretty compelling story to tell. The Angels and Airwaves score feels appropriate, and the fact that many of these sets were constructed in director William Eubank's backyard, makes the undertaking all the more impressive. It premieres shortly at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and currently has no distributors. Based on the trailer and DeLonge's involvement, expect that latter circumstance to change pretty soon. All this from a guy who, not so long ago, instructed us to "Take off our pants and jacket." Welcome to adulthood, Tom.  (/Film)