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Bay and Bruckheimer Do ‘Cocaine’

Hollywood Reporter wrote today that Bay and Bruckheimer will be the execs on a new HBO series based on the documentary Cocaine Cowboys. I REALLY hope they go for one part Entourage, one part Scarface, and FOUR THOUSAND PARTS MICHAEL BAY (BOOM).  I posted on Cocaine Cowboy’s II about five months back, the follow-up to the inspiration for the show. It also led me to compile a list of some of the best documentaries about the black market, a subjec I am fascinated about. And now, some daily news.

Frank Miller helming Buck Rogers (Comingsoon)

New Jack Ryan film gets a writer (Empire)

Chow no longer to direct Hornet (Variety)

Baz Luhrmann’s next is The Great Gatsby (Comingsoon)

Aronofsky off Robocop? (Joblo)







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