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‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer Lays Waste to Santa Monica

The theatrical trailer is up for Battle: Los Angeles, and it shows us a lot more of what we can expect from this end-of-days blockbuster than the teaser trailer did, or the second one for that matter. In addition to flashes of Independence Day and even Red Dawn, we get introduced to some first-person footage reminiscent of Cloverfield to really bring the grit.

We’ve also got a boatload more special effects in the ways of helicopters, alien walkers, aliens, and mass destruction. It’s no surprise that these effects are integral to the film, but it’s a relief to see they were done well and not in an absurd fashion a la 2012. If effects aren’t doing it for you, the autotune is back to play up some creepy angst late in the trailer. So apparently, this is going to be one of those battles where some good guys die too.

Oh, and there’s an absolutely colossal mecha-alien at the end that wraps up the trailer nicely. It’s not a overreaching to say audiences will want more after getting a bigger bite of Battle: Los Angeles. (Yahoo! Movies)

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