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Back to the Futuristic Past’s Future: Terry Gilliam to Produce ‘1884’

Terry Gilliam is set to produce 1884: Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Variety is reporting. The film, which is being described as “steam-punk science fiction” and will be directed by Tim Ollive, is the alternative history of 1884 as envisioned by fictitious filmmakers in 1848. That means it’s actually a stunning look into the future told by people from an anachronistic past.

Confused yet? Don’t worry. If you don’t understand, it just means you probably lost your virginity before the age of 26.

It’s also worth noting that Gilliam’s fellow cast members from Monty Python are rumored to be lending their voices to the project, which will feature a blend of “puppetry, miniatures and CGI animation.”

If you’re excited about any of that, don’t worry. It just means you probably didn’t lose your virginity before the age of 26. (Coming Soon)

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