Awww Yeah... 'DuckTales' Theme Gets The Sexy, Soul Treatment

Oddly enough, it works well. The DuckTales theme is arguably one of the most tenacious ear worms in the history of sound and now it's been appropriately adapted for sexing.

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'Big Hero 6' Gets Given The 'Unnecessary Censorship' Treatment

Why are they so vulgar? The thing about Disney movies is that they're rarely edgy. Which makes them unrealistic. In real life, people swear and say terrible things. In order to reflect THAT reality, Kyle J. Britt has given the unnecessary censorship treatment to the superhero film Big Hero 6. And we learn that Beymax is kind of vulgar, as are most inflatable balloon men. (In my own personal experience. I don't want to generalize.) Britt has done this work-up before on movies like The Amazing Spider-Man and Frozen. I guess it was just a matter of time before he took to a film that was still in the theaters. (A.V. Club)


'Star Wars: Episode VII' Trailer Also Gets The 'Spaceballs' Treatment

The Schwartz Awakens? Word on the geek street is that the new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is set to become the most-viewed movie trailer of all time. No surprise there; it's Star Wars. It should also be no surprise that the trailer is being recut, effed-with, and parodied in just about every way imaginable. And this time, it's Filmgeekery doing Spaceballs, the Mel Brooks parody of the original three Star Wars installments. The trailer is really just Spaceballs set to the sounds and dialogue of the new film. And if you don't like this, you're a joyless monster.


What Happen's When You Put 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt's Theme Song Over The Film 'Unbreakable'? This Happens.

I'm buying what they're selling. The film Unbreakable has fared better as the years passed than it did when it first came out as the sophomore effort to M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense. I guess it just took a while for audiences to fall into the groove of the show. However, maybe if the show had been a little more hospitable during the opening credits, that wouldn't have been such a tough adaptation. Here's a mash up between the somber Unbreakable and the insanely upbeat Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that offers something for everyone. Even if that something will likely piss them off. Ok. Yeah, I'll watch this. As long as Mr. Glass is an Internet celebrity in this version.