'Average Party' Trailer Is The Anti-'Project X'

This party really could have benefited from the help of a genie or something. Uncool kid taking a shot at greatness - Check. Rambunctious fat friend party animal - Check. Tons of hot babes and over-the-top party antics like a dog in a bounce castle.... Not this time.

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'The D Train' Trailer Shows Us How Jack Black Throws A Party

Well, a high school reunion, which I suppose in the most technical sense, is a party. Recently, we've seen Jack Black shy away from over-the-top characters a bit to bring us more thoughtful, quirkier fare like Bernie. And while that gamble worked out for him, in part due to the presence of Richard Linklater, the jury is definitely still out on IFC's The D Train, which sees Jack Black struggle to throw a high school reunion, validating his social standing even years after high school came and went. He recruits James Marsden and the delightful Kathryn Hahn in the film as well, but the trailer gives the impression of a very scattershot film. One that got a fair amount of talent in front of the camera, but wasn't sure how to use them. Even the tagline "Every reunion needs a hero," is a head scratcher. DOES every reunion need a hero? Or is that just something you put up there yourself because you didn't have the budget for a copywriter after hiring Jack Black. I think we know the answer. (Collider)


Dirty Version Of 'Skins' Trailer Makes A Party Foul

The teens are getting even more cray cray in this longer, dirtier version of MTV's "Skins" promo trailer. The teens are getting even more cray cray in this longer, dirtier version of MTV's "Skins" promo trailer. It looks like this one was intended to offend. I'm okay with the pot, pills, and on-the-mouth kissing. What really bothers me is the alcohol abuse. And I don't mean the over-consumption. I'm talking about the spilling. Who pours vodka and Zimas into their eyeballs? That's no way to party. Especially in high school where alcohol is so hard to procure. I say show footage of the Indian kid trying to slurp 99 Bananas out of the carpet or GTFO. (Vulture)


New 'Project X' Trailer Features A Dog In A Moon Bounce, Wins Me Over

That dog knows how to party. Test audience reactions to the Todd Phillips produced Project X has been positive, proclaiming it the "best party movie ever." But that's only because no one has ever filmed my partys. The buffalo deviled eggs are off the hook, guys. Those familiar with the project know that director Nima Nourizadeh cast relative unknowns for the story of high school nerds who become legendary after throwing the most epic party. How epic? Hot chicks, at least one dwarf, tasers, flame-throwers, and not to be overlooked, a little dog in a moon bounce. The dog alone sells me. Is it too late to get him a Golden Collar nom? Another audience member referred to it as "Superbad on crack." Hey, let's all go out and try some crack. It looks awesome! (Coming Soon)


Comic-Con 2012: Party's Over In New 'Dredd' Clip

Jeez, what a narc. Comic-Con 2012 has also brought us this first clip from the upcoming Dredd. Here we see Karl Urban judging, jurying, and executing all over the place as he busts in on some tweakers and crashes the party. And their faces. Slow motion in action movies gets a pretty bad rap, but here it works really well. If they truly invented a drug that made the world look like it was shot with the Phantom camera, I'd try it. Oh wait. Am I addicted already? They say the first hit's free. When's this movie come out?!? My skin itches and I want to ride the snake to Valhalla!


Wayne And Garth Predict Oscars, Party Like It’s 1991

Dana Carvey hosted SNL this weekend, and Mike Myers joined him for the show's cold open, featuring a brand new installment of Aurora, Illinois' favorite public access show, Wayne's World. Dana Carvey hosted SNL this weekend. I think he did, although I could have just stepped into a halfway entertaining time machine and emerged in a bygone era of late night television. Mike Myers joined Carvey for the show's cold open, a new(!) episode of Aurora, Illinois' favorite public access show, "Wayne's World." The duo, looking every bit the same as the last time we saw them, recited their same old jokes in their same exact set. Seriously, do they have all the old sets and props in storage? Have they preserved Rob Schneider's Makin' Copies-guys' Xerox machine somewhere? Stupid question, it's clearly in the Smithsonian. The duo ran down their picks for the upcoming Academy Awards, and made numerous dick jokes about Winter's Bone, or as is Myers' M.O., the same Winter's Bone joke numerous times. The whole sketch, and episode, was mildly comforting and at the same time irritating, much like a childhood security blanket that's gotten scratchy or threadbare from being washed too many times. It was fun to see that the jokes, sets, characters, and performers hadn't changed a bit in 20 years, but that's also what made it kind of a downer. (Slashfilm)


The Ron Burgundy Dodge Ads Are Selling A Ton Of Cars

I once bought term life insurance because of a 'Reno 911' infomercial. No I didn't. Ron Burgundy is the balls. That's never, ever been disputed. But when we examined HOW he was the balls, we just recently came across with a facet of his personality that we never knew about: his inner salesman. Since the awesomely ubiquitous (at least if you watch sports) Ron Burgundy Dodge ads started airing a couple months ago, the car manufacturer has seen some crazy-huge increases in sales. For instance, October sales went up 59% for the Durango, which is pretty impressive. Maybe he could fix Syria and the fractured nature of the two-party system when he's done selling these sweet rides.


Check Out The Trailer For 'Our Idiot Brother', Idiot

So much idiot in less than two minutes. Like indie comedy trailers? Well then Happy Easter to you, good buddy! Here's the first trailer for Our Idiot Brother, which used to be called My Idiot Brother. They must have decided using the plural pronoun played better in Peoria or something. The movie has Paul Rudd as the titular character, along with Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer and Rashida Jones as the "Our." It's pretty funny too, particularly the opening scene between Rudd and a police officer. Here's the official plot synopsis, which I found inside a chocolate egg: "Ned Rochlin (Rudd) looks for the good in every situation and in everyone, which often puts him at odds with the world around him – especially his family.  Upon being released from jail for a stupid mistake, Ned is kicked off of the organic farm he lives and works on by his ex-girlfriend Janet who also insists on keeping his beloved dog, Willie Nelson.  Having nowhere else to go, he turns to his family, three ambitious sisters (Banks, Deschanel, Mortimer) and an overbearing mother.  Ned crashes at each of their homes, in succession, and brings honesty, happiness and a sunny disposition into their lives.  In other words, he wreaks havoc." Can't wait until Willie Nelson gets his own CGI spin-off starring James Marsden. It can be called Our Idiot Willie Nelson Dog and it'll be great.


'Clear History' Teaser, Starring Larry David With A TON Of Hair

Seriously, this is like all the hair. Do you want to see Larry David play a neurotic rich guy? You probably have already, but you've never seen him do it with this much hair. You've maybe never seen anyone with this much hair. That alone is a great reason to check out Clear History. For the hair value, that is. Also, Jon Hamm's in the film. You know, for the ladies. And also the homosexuals. And the straight men who can enjoy handsomeness without feeling threatened or weird.