Aubrey Plaza Plays Sax And Rides A Paddleboat In This Music Video

In case you wanted to see that. Either Aubrey Plaza agreed to play saxophone while sitting on a paddleboat in this band's music video, or somebody hacked into Aubrey Plaza's private playing saxophone on a paddleboat videos. In which case, not a nice move, you hackers.

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You Cannot Unsee Aubrey Plaza and Jim O'Heir Making Out on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

Honestly, this is how 'Parks & Rec' *should have* ended. Last night's fantastic series finale of Parks and Recreation -- while providing each and every main character on the show with an appropriately sappy ending -- seemed like it was missing something, didn't it? A ne sais quoi, perhaps? Maybe it's just us, but the perfect way to cap off the season would have been to see 100-year-old, 10-time Mayor of Pawnee, Garry Gergich, and his polar opposite, April Ludgate, locked in passionate embrace as the credits rolled; Andy Dwyer be damned. Leslie Knope and City Council President Brandi Maxxxx would join in at some point during this fantasy scenario, but that's probably best left for the inevitable Parks porn parody. In any case, Late Night with Seth Meyers managed to accomplish what the Parks writers were too scared to do during its closing moments with the show's cast last night. While bidding farewell to the Late Night audience and likely each other (tear) with a final rendition of "Lil' Sebastian", Aubrey Plaza and Jim O'Heir (aka Jerry, Larry, Garry) suddenly decided to start going at it with authority, prompting the rest of the cast to break down in equal fits of uncontrollable laughter and (more understandable) revulsion. Check it out above if you dare, but fair warning, what you are about to see can not be unseen. Oddly enough, this clip only endeared me more to Ms. Plaza, which i didn't think was even possible at this point. I mean, if freaking Jerry can get that, maybe there's still a chance for a skinny-armed film blogger with no legitimate career aspirations.


Aubrey Plaza Admits The Grumpy Cat Xmas Special Is Best Viewed While Drunk

I watch everything while drunk. Just to be safe. In a move of genius casting, the deadpan, downer Aubrey Plaza was recruited as the voice of Grumpy Cat for the feline's Christmas special Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever on Lifetime. Plaza encouraged Jimmy Kimmel, then his audience, to knock back a few glasses of wine before viewing, saying about the program, "It's really the weirdest thing I've ever seen — it's so confusing," SOLD! I don't think anyone expected the special to be GOOD, so it might as well be weird and confusing to pique our interest. I mean, I wouldn't expect Aubrey Plaza to jump on to a regular ole' Xmas special. Unless they paid her a bunch. Which they almost certainly did. Grumpy Cat comes to your living room (not literally) on November 29th on Lifetime.


'The Wire' Gets The Musical Treatment It Doesn't Deserve

I demand a ditty entitled "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!" At this point, we'll take whatever Wire-related content we can get. If that happens to be a Funny or Die spoof musical, so be it. The fact that it actually features the character Omar (Michael Kenneth Williams) is just the icing on the cake. A few things readily apparent from this clip: Michael Kenneth Williams has a truly terrible singing voice. Just awful. And he can move his legs around Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance style. After viewing this, we can all agree that The Wire would have finally gotten some critical acclaim if they'd shoehorned a lot more song and dance numbers into it. Just like they do on the streets of Baltimore.


There's Justice For All In This 'Better Call Saul' Music Video

Toe tappin'. Better Call Saul show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould proved that, in addition to amazing television, they can also write a catchy diddy. The pair penned the lyrics to this song from Junior Brown that runs down the types of scumbags that Saul is going to probably allow to walk free. Congratulations are in order for Saul Goodman. It takes a special kind of TV attorney to inspire a ballad. And this one is even better than Ozzy Osbourne's "Perry Mason."


'Moves Like Jabba' Music Video

Take that, Maroon 5! Do you like the Maroon 5 song, Moves Like Jagger? Well, the song is stupid and so are you for liking it. But what's not stupid is this new Star Wars-themed parody video, Moves Like Jabba. Well, actually, it's stupid too, but in a good way, like the characters from Dumb & Dumber or that big guy from Of Mice and Men. Ha! He killed the friggen rabbit! What a moron! Yes, there have been many Star Wars/Jabba the Hut parodies, but to my knowledge, none of them have featured Wilford Brimley. And that, my friends, is a game changer.


Ride Along With MTV's Gory 'Death Valley'

Undead groups won't be happy about this police brutality. [post-album postid="215841" item="2"]With all these vampires, werewolves, and zombies invading television, it's only natural that someone would need to police them. And also punch them through the head. That's exactly what the stars of MTV's Death Valley do. The new scripted series takes a page out of the COPS handbook and sends a camera crew to ride along with the law officers of the San Fernando Valley. In this case, the San Fernando Valley has been overrun by a new minority for the past year -- monsters and the undead. This gory preview shows stars Tania Raymonde (Lost), Brian Callen (MADtv), and Caity Lotz (Mad Men) on the beat and it looks pretty intense. Looks pretty violent but still nowhere near as violent as that episode of COPS where the naked, bloody guy punched his way through a fence to escape. We can only assume that he was on his way to go kill Superman. (MTV)


OK Go Launches Yet Another Super-Complex Music Video, This Time For Honda

It sounds like the song was made to match the video, instead of the other way around. OK Go has long had a knack for making gimmicky music videos. It started off as the cool treadmill video for "Here It Goes Again," and then progressed into a series of labored, byzantine videos that felt a little forced. Realizing that YouTube views don't pay the bills for a whole band, teh group teamed up with Honda for their latest song/video for "I Won't Let You Down." The song is about as generic as they come, and the cleverness of their old videos seems to have been done away with in favor of elaborate choreography and lots of riding around on Honda's UNI-CUB which is like a Segway if a Segway had all the dignity of a razor scooter. Still, it's some decent eye candy, and nobody will object to a little Japanese weirdness. (Vulture)