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‘Atrocious’ Trailer Is Scary and Everyone’s Totally Mexican

Watch el scariente trailerente (the spooky trailer) above.

We’re sure there are lots of low-budget, “found footage” horror movies being made, angling to be the next Paranormal Activity. However, they’re all missing a key ingredient that Atrocious has in spades: a bunch of characters speaking Spanish! Get ready to be rocked out of your English-speaking comfort zone and into a world of having to read spooktitles (horror movie subtitles).

Atrocious is the directorial debut of Mexican filmmaker Fernando Barreda Luna, and it will premiere at Slamdance this month. Sound familiar? That’s because Paranormal Activity was the directorial debut of Israli filmmaker Oren Pell, and his film premiered at Slamdance, too. The coincidences are as eerie as a bunch of kids exploring a Mexican murder well! (Moviefone)

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  1. January 14, 2011 6:57 pm

    Brian Huntington

    Mexican Murder Well. LOL.

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