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Arrested Development Movie In The Works

It’s being reported that Jeffry Tambor told Collider that the Arrested Development movie is a go. I think that trying to make a movie out of the show is a bad idea.  And unless they get Mike Cera on some testicular hormone suppressants soon, he’s going to look a little too grown up to play his part.  Just let this one fade into memory as one of the best shows in TV history and nothing more.

Arrested Development movie? (CHUD)

Academy disqualifies The Dark Knight score (CS)

Fox cancels Mad TV (Variety)

Prison Break may be on the way (Hollywoodreporter)

Carell is Despicable (Joblo)

Countdown to 2012 begins (Empire)

Grimly & Guillermo del Toro for Pinocchio (BD)








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