'Armed Response' Will Make You Tougher

...because you'd just ended up shooting yourself in the thigh. Taken from accounts of real law enforcement run-ins, Armed Response takes Internet denizens on a ride that would, in real life, leave them dead or at the very least with some pretty intense PTSD. Now you can get your recommended daily allowance of PTSD without that pesky risk of death. All while living out your Miami Vice fantasies. Enjoy, and don't forget to check your six.

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'Entourage' Season 8 Trailer: Sobriety, Responsibility, And The Diceman

The gang is back. And they seem to have slightly more problems than normal. Entourage started off as a pleasant enough show. A nice little digestif after the gravitas of The Sopranos. Well, in the trailer for the shows final season, the gang seems to be burdened with a lot of problems that preclude our enjoyment of those fun-loving, club-hopping moppets that we were first drawn to. Ari is proven fallible through his separation, Vince is sober (yuck), Eric seems to have gotten his engagement ring sent back to him, Turtle wants to do things "on his own," and Drama is working on a cartoon with Andrew Dice Clay. None of that stuff sounds fun. I mean, there are plenty of chicks in bikinis bombing around, but this last season will demonstrate how grown up these guys are, which is something that no one was clamoring to see. Let's hope there are lots of storylines involving Bob Saget and weed that aren't reflected in the trailer.


'Man At Arms': "Forging Finn's Golden Sword"

This guy delights our inner 12 year-old. How many times (especially when younger) have we seen a badass weapon in a film or TV show that we just have to have. Well, unless you're a propmaster or an expert in forging weapons, you're probably not going to get your hands on it until Hasbro churns out a licensed plastic version, and there's nothing cool about that. The good news is that the star of Man at Arms, Tony Swatton, is a propmaster and does make his own weapons, so that elusive dream is one step closer to reality with this guy in the mix. Watch him turn Finn's Golden Sword  from Adventure Time from fantasy to reality using some really cool tools that we'd just end up hurting ourselves with.


'Captain Planet' Trailer Looks Serious Enough To Be Real

He's blue as shit. Remember Captain Planet? The blue guy who would probably be asking you to sign a petition outside of Whole Foods if he wasn't a superhero? Well, an enthusiastic fan put together not only a pretty funny origin story, but a spot-on send-up of the superhero genre. And while the effects aren't quite Avatar quality, they're better than anything you've ever done, so just shut up, ok? Considering this was a labor of love, the production values were actually quite high, and the screeching rock song in the background goes a long way to sell the grittiness. So jump on board with Captain Planet. You silly Planeteers.


After 2 Million “Rush” Jokes, Segel And Rudd Are Allowed To Meet The Band

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's characters from 'I Love You, Man' finally meet Rush in this viral video quasi-sequel, which will hopefully serve as the actual sequel. Watching I Love You, Man, which was released in Russia under the title Two Closeted Gay Men Talk About Rush, really makes you wonder: what would happen if these two characters who won't shut up about Rush finally meet Rush? Now Funny Or Die has given us the answer. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's characters from the film meet their 80s band super-idols in this viral video quasi-sequel, which will hopefully serve as the actual sequel. In the video, Segel gets Rudd backstage passes to the local Rush concert and backstage shenanigans occur. A sandwich is eaten peculiarly, there's some mandatory 'awkward tension' and an admittedly cool-looking double guitar plays a key role. Also, some bittersweet news: "totes magotes" is spoken in the video, but not "Dude Von Dudenstein," "Sweet Sweet Hangin," and sadly, not one squiznot was popped for the entire 5:50 minutes. All you squiznot poppers out there will just have to keep writing that line into your I Love You, Man slash fiction. (/Film)