'Are You Here' Trailer: Owen Wilson Gets To Be In Movies Again

The feature film debut of 'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner. For his feature film debut, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has made probably the furthest thing from Mad Men. Starring Owen Wilson as a horny weatherman and Zach Galifianakis as the crazy guy, Are You Here seems to hit all of the marks you'd expect in an Owen Wilson/Zach Galifianakis buddy movie but, since its Wiener, this movie will also feature a plot and emotions. After his dad dies, Galifianakis inherits everything and gets into a legal battle with bitter sister, Amy Poehler. Rather than  just murdering a giraffe like he did the last time his father passed away, he leans on Wilson for friendship and support as the legal battle intensifies. Meanwhile Owen Wilson spends the film trying to get on top of the dad's young, hot widow. Despite its creative pedigree, it is an Owen Wilson movie after all.