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‘Apollo 18′ Trailer Is Go For Launch

Apollo 18 - Watch more Movie Trailers

Apollo 17 was the last official mission to the moon, supposedly due to “budgetary constraints.” Yeah, right, NASA. We all know it’s because you found aliens and didn’t want to tell us. The question is: what types of aliens. Michael Bay says they were Transformers, but we all know that’s total bullshit. So, which is it? Are there Predators? ETs? ALFs?

Watch the trailer (link above) for a look at Apollo 18, a movie in Cloverfield-esque NauseaVision that tells the story of a secret NASA flight to poke a stick at the real moon-beasts. I like the use of different cameras, from shaky handhelds to ship cameras. Looks like it could be a fun thriller, and very different from the recent murder-on-the-moon drama Moon.

Houston, you should totally get off the moon, if you want to live. The moon infection is spreading… dear god no…

The Weinstein Company is set to launch this puppy on April 22, 2011.

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