Apatow Lifts The Veil On ‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer

The first trailer for Judd Apatow's first foray into "you go, girl," comedy is here.

Judd Apatow's first foray into "you go, girl!," comedy Bridesmaids has its first trailer and it looks... okay. Kristen Wiig has proven her comedic chops with her roles in The 40-Year Old Virgin and MacGruber and by making repetitive noises on "SNL." I'm happy to see her stepping into the lead.

The supporting cast looks funny too. You've got the fat one, the neurotic one, the horny one, and the bitch. Just like at your office. More importantly though, this trailer features what every trailer should -- tuxedo-clad yawning puppies. Can we re-do the DGA Awards?


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Judd Apatow And Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' Has A Trailer

Where are the man-children? WHERE? It took the trailer for Trainwreck to finally get a grasp on what the elusive Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer project was about. Amy Schumer stars as a girl who seems to be a bit of a...yup, trainwreck. She sleeps around, she looks constantly hungover, but she's got a great job and a decent head on her shoulders. Her life isn't actually so bad, but then it gets super awesome when she meets Bill Hader's sports doctor character. He's funny, successful, and friends with LeBron. I guess Amy really can have it all.


Jon Hamm's Soup Is Done In 'Bridesmaids' Red-Band Trailer

In case you didn't think these bridesmaids were rough-and-tumble...they are. This trailer has the ribald language to prove it. The red-band trailer for Bridesmaids-poster-the-romcom-gods-are-smiling/" target="_blank">Bridesmaids is not terribly different than the green (mauve?)-band trailer, save for three f-bombs, some scattered "shits" (not as gross as it sounds), Kristen Wiig in a bra, and a reference to a fat lady's undercarriage. Other than that, we're still rocking ladies with gas, fat chick talking about fight clubs, and a bunch of other instances of girls acting like guys, only girlier. There's also some shots of Jon Hamm, mid-coitus, which you should find just delightful, regardless of your sexual orientation. He also says "soup's done" in a reference to reaching climax, which I have never heard before, and hope to never hear again. Bridesmaids will completely eff with your sensibilities, in a charming, middle-America way on May 13th.


'Friends With Kids' Trailer = 'Bridesmaids' + Adam Scott

Let's hope that these really attractive people find a way to work things out. Life is a complicated web of what-ifs. One decision can set your destiny and cause a ripple effect that shapes the lives of those around you. What Friends With Kids does is imagine what would have happened if Kristen Wiig's Bridesmaids character had found happiness with Jon Hamm. The results are pretty bizarro. In addition to Wiig, Hamm, Maya Rudolph, and Chris O'Dowd, Friends With Kids also stars writer/director/Hamm squeeze Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Ed Burns, and Megan Fox. The action centers around two friends who decide to have a baby together out of convenience. However, that arrangement stirs up complicated feelings for the both of them. And their friends are all like, "Say whaaaat???!" Let's hope that these really attractive people find a way to work things out.


New ‘Bridesmaids’ Trailer Offers No Surprises (And Vomiting)

If you're the type of person that enjoys watching people suffer from food poisoning in fancy environments, you will love this trailer. A new Bridesmaids trailer is up, and it appears to give away a LOT of gags in the film. Maybe all of them. If you had any preconceived notions of what Bridesmaids is going to be, this trailer will likely reinforce them. It's an Apatow film about girls with slightly more gross-out humor than you would expect. 'Cause normally it's guys that are gross, get it? If you're the type of person that enjoys watching people suffer from food poisoning in fancy environments, you will love this trailer. If you don't, who knows...you might still like it. (MSN Movies)


Jon Hamm Is Smooth In ‘Bridesmaids’ International Trailer

I find his attitude refreshingly European. Bridesmaids isn't through trying to convince you that it's actually secretly funny. A new international trailer has begun to swim its way across the pond and this one plays to Jon Hamm's strengths... being a total dick to women. In this trailer, we see Hamm do his careful best to dismiss Kristen Wiig after a night of hot, steamy, bra-on sex (Hollywood's favorite kind). But we shouldn't rush to judge. Perhaps he just needs to fart really badly. Sometimes that happens to fellas. Especially if they aren't careful about what they eat the night before. Damn you, Nestle Flipz!!


‘Bridesmaids’ Outtakes: Jon Hamm Likes It Kinky

Kristen Wiig, kindly let Mr. Hamm "drive the bus." I thought the gags in Bridesmaids, gross-out and otherwise, were hilarious. However, I lost interest during the (endless) 45 minute Kristen Wiig pity party. "Boo hoo, I won't call the guy I like." Just keep the joke-em-ups coming, please. [post-video postid="213613"] That's why I'm excited to share the video above from Funny or Die, which is a compilation of unused takes from the movie. It's rapid fire improvs/cut lines from Jon Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, plus the eventually underused Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey. I especially lol'd at the Hamm sex bookends, where things get wackier than in the original cut. I like wackier Jon Hamm. The guy has gravitas to spare, so let him make a butt cheeks joke every once in awhile, Mad Men."


The New Pornographers Go All Apatow On Us

The New Pornographers have a new video and they've thrown a bone to struggling actors like Paul Rudd. The New Pornographers have a new video and they've thrown a bone to struggling actors like Paul Rudd. The video for "Moves" is cast entirely with people from the comedy world. Some you know and others and others that are more underground at the moment. The best thing to happen in the video happens right at the top Paul Rudd and Bill Hader star as two pregnant men in a preview for the regrettably fake film Expectant Fathers. From there we go into the video which is done in the style of a film trailer showing the rise of the band, who are depicted by comics such as Wyatt Cynac and Kevin Corrigan. Another highlight is the coke binge scene. It effectively skewers out-of-control-band films like The Runaways, and explains Horatio Sanz's drastic weight loss in one fell swoop. (Twenty Four Bit)


Here's A Trailer For That New Paul Feig-Melissa McCarthy (No, The Other One) Comedy, 'Spy'

Maybe it's time McCarthy and Feig see other people? Since Bridesmaids, the Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy professional romance has gone full-steam. They've done The Heat, Tammy, they're talking about Ghostbusters, and then we've got Spy. Spy follows McCarthy's character as she goes from a wallflower to a super secret agent. "But how is Spy different?" you might ask. Well, it still has Rose Byrne, so no difference there. But fortunately, Melissa McCarthy isn't playing her go-to stock character, instead playing a sweet receptionist-type. That's different. And it's got Jason Statham and Jude Law, which none of the other movies had. It looks...okay. Paul Feig can direct a good comedy, and this might be a nice play on the genre without being over-the-top Austin Powers parody. But judge for yourself with this trailer.


Melissa McCarthy Reveals That She Was Channeling Guy Fieri In 'Bridesmaids'

It all makes so much sense. It all makes so much sense. Melissa McCarthy is enjoying some success thanks to her show-stealing turn as the oddball Megan in Bridesmaids. The character kept people laughing with tales of her connection to dolphins who saved her after a cruise ship messed up her shit and her off-kilter personal style. She told Conan last night that personal style was inspired by someone we all know. "Really, when I first read it, the first person that I thought of was Guy Fieri from the Food Network. I wanted to do the shirt, the Kangol. Every scene I would have my glasses on the back of my head. I tried for a long time to convince them to let me wear short, white, spiky hair, and they were like, 'You can't actually be Guy Fieri.' Cut it off at some point!" Now that she's pointed out the influence, it's spot-on. I'd say we should get these two in a room together, but if they were to touch it could rip the fabric of space and time. And I personally refuse to travel back to a time before Panera Bread. (via Splitsider)