Antoine Dodson: Movie Star

Do you now see the Hellmouth you opened by green lighting Battleship, Hollywood? Now anything can be a movie. Including viral videos. Do you now see the Hellmouth you opened by green lighting Battleship, Hollywood? Now anything can be a movie. Including viral videos. Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow, Leeroy Jenkins, Boom Goes The Dynamite, Greatest Freakout Ever, and Numa Numa are all starring in The Chronicles Of Rick Roll, a real movie that has been made somehow. There are no plot specifics yet but I'm assuming it has something to do with an epic battle to save the Internet. Gut feeling. There is no current release date slated as no distributor has wanted to pay money for it, but there's already some serious buzz building around the project inside Antoine Dodson's brain. "This is like the biggest project of 2011," said Dodson. "This is like the shittiest project of 2011," argued Wookie Johnson. (ABC)

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Watch Antoine Dodson Tell Dat On CBS’s ‘Intruders’

CBS has a huge hit on their hands with the series adaptation of Twitter sensation "$#*! My Dad Says," so it makes sense they'd want to stick their fingers in more sticky Internet pies. Enter Antoine Dodson. CBS has a huge hit on their hands with the series adaptation of Twitter sensation "$#*! My Dad Says," so it makes sense they'd want to stick their fingers in more sticky Internet pies. Enter Antoine Dodson. Earlier this year he rocked the web with an auto-tuned version of his candid news interview. Now he's going to rock CBS Primetime with the new procedural drama "Intruders." This is all fake, of course. Until I announce how very real it is this fall. Hey CBS, send those residual checks to Break c/o Hans Longshanks.


'Paddington' Trailer Light On The Scares This Time

Ooooohhhh..... It's for kids. October is the month to sink into movie theater chairs and watch disturbing images of the macabre from behind our fingers. In keeping with this spirit, we have the full trailer for Paddington. Ben Whishaw replaces Colin Firth as the voice of the bear with the remorseless, glass eyes in this fun romp for the entire family. Here Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville plays the British version of Charles Grodin's character from Beethoven, when a ragamuffin bear house guest turns his life and home upside down. Despite revealing all the major events of the film in this trailer, it's looks like perfectly suitable holiday entertainment and not the horrific psychological thriller it was originally perceived to be. Though, you can expect a horror recut of this trailer in... 5... 4... 3...


Comic-Con 2011: Move Into The Future With 'Elysium' Viral

You can be a part of something great. Good news everyone!! Armadyne is hiring. If you're a zero g welder, mega-structure engineer, quantum networker or an expert in the field of zero g coupling and multi-generational planning, you just might find yourself gettin' paid. What you're seeing above is a viral campaign launched to promote Neill Blomkamp's Elysium. ComingSoon came across a recruitment poster at Comic-Con that points to the fictional website Armadyne, where the video is posted. I've gotta say, as far as virals go this looks really impressive. If they're willing to put this kind of money into a web video, imagine what Neill Blomkamp will be able to achieve with his budget. It's going to look sweeeet. Wake me up in 2013 when the movie's released. **locks self in Demolition Man cryo-chamber**  


Comcast Apologizes After Belligerent Customer Service Rep Call Goes Viral

We'll all laugh about this when these companies disappear in five years. A San Francisco man called up Comcast to cancel his service, because, well, there are other options out there now. But when he started speaking with the customer service rep, he found the rep to be aggressive, overbearing, and just really annoying. So basically, this guy was a pretty good representation of Comcast. But Comcast doesn't want anyone thinking that, so they offered up an apology to the man and his wife, who had been dealing with this dude for 10 minutes prior to recording. To give you a sense of that achievement, I was able to listen for about 15 seconds before stopping the video out of a quiet rage. ENJOY!


This. Is. A. More. Clear. 'Immortals'. Trailer!!

Oh, so THAT's what this is about. [post-album postid="203183" item="5"]A new trailer for Immortals-trailer/">Immortals is here just in time to explain what the hell is happening in this movie. Thanks to the voice-over, we now know why everyone is jumping around and stabbing each other in gruesome ways. Check it out above if you find yourself in the dark about this visually-impressive film's storyline. Still doesn't explain those helmets though. Tarsem's Immortals starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, and Stephen Dorff opens in theaters on November 11th.


So, Um, 'Battleship' Trailer Looks Sorta Awesome

Peter Berg don't play games. [post-album postid="25204" item="6"]We were all pretty quick to judge when it was announced that Peter Berg was adapting the board game Battleship for the big screen. Expectations were for an expensive, loud, CGI-heavy, action film where things blow up spectacularly. But in our film snobbery, we forget to factor in that expensive, loud, CGI-heavy action films where things blow up spectacularly can be awesome. Which is the case with Battleship. Of course, it could be an all-out cheesefest that doesn't strike the right balance of bullshit to awesome in the same way that Battle: Los Angeles did. But for right now, I'm gleefully optimistic that this movie is going to kick ass in a dumb fun kind of way. Unless, of course, Liam Neeson speaks the line, "They sank my battleship!" In which case, laaaaame.


Spider-Man Projections Spotted Around The World (And Our Links)

Spider-Man projections were spotted around the world in 13 cities & 12 countries. The guerrilla projections led to a viral RSVP site, allowing insiders to sign-up for exclusive events happening around the globe. The events will feature a Sneak Peek of Never-Before-Scene Footage from The Amazing Spiderman, and are happening this Monday, 2/6 in - LA, NY, Rio, London, Mexico City, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney. Soccer Fans Riot in Indonesia (BuzzerBeat) The Greys vs Heigl (HuffTV) The Worst Things Found In Pinterest (Smosh) Rapist Argues With Cops...On Facebook (SocialHype) Katy Perry Thong Pics (CelebJihad) Rex vs Jared! (CagePotato) We Predict Who Wins The Superbowl (Holytaco) New England Patriots Hotness (DonChavez) A Guide To Parallel Parking (JustAGuyThing) How To Make Ribs For The Superbowl (MadeMan) The Hottest Babes In The Wild (DoubleViking) Gary Oldman Gives Dramatic Jersey Shore Recap (MovieLine) O


This. Is. Another. 'Immortals'. Trailer!!

Such high-flying battles. Was gravity not yet invented in ancient Greece? [post-album postid="203183" item="5"]Ryan Seacrest posted video of shirtless men on his official website and I encourage you to watch. I should also mention that the video in question is a new trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals. This time around we get a good explanation as to why everyone is jumping in slow motion and hitting one another with swords. It turns out that Mickey Rourke's evil King Hyperion wants to overthrow the Gods but cannot do so without a magica weapon (naturally). He rampages through and overturns all of Greece, village by village, in an attempt to find it. That's when Freida Pinto's Oracle has a vision that Henry Cavill would be really good at saving the day. That, of course, forces Rourke to unleash the "dytans" or "titans." I don't know. He was mumbling. I just know that it lacked the passion that Liam Neeson had while releasing the Kraken. And on a side note, we need to be careful. Between this and Game Of Thrones, we're pretty much daring Seltzer and Friedberg to make a Meet The Spartans sequel.