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Anna Faris To Make Movie About How Many Dudes She’s Boned

Ah, the hallowed “magic number.” Dudes inflate it, chicks always leave a lot out, and now Anna Faris is making a movie about it. According to Hollywood reporter "Lady" centers on a woman who goes on a trek through her sexual past in an effort to find Mr. Right, exploring the idea of a person’s sexual quota and whether those numbers matter.”  Trust me, they matter. I not sure there if there is a perfect magic number. But in my case I would like to to be "As Many As Possible" for me, and "Just Enough" for any girl I date.

Now Here’s The News.

Anna Faris lines up two projects (HollywoodReporter)


Warner to re-release Dark Knight Jan. 23 (Variety)


Singer not involved in Superman talk (Comingsoon)


No Karate Kid crane? (Joblo)


Len Wiseman to direct Atlantis Rising (Empire)


Miller says Sin City 2 is getting closer (Comingsoon)








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