André 3000 IS Jimi Hendrix In The 'Jimi: All Is By My Side' Trailer

You're getting a Hendrix biopic with no Hendrix music. Yes, really. A long while ago, we reported some good news with some bad: There would be a Jimi Hendrix biopic (good), starring Andre 3000 of Outkast (probably good), that wouldn't feature any Jimi Hendrix music (bad). This was due to the estate of Hendrix refusing to play ball with the film's producers. However, that omission may be an asset of Jimi: All by My Side, rather than a liability. It's always a little awkward, no matter how good the performance, to see an actor attempt a legend's musical work. Andre 3000 still gets a go at singing as Jimi Hendrix, but performing cover songs rather than Hendrix' own material. The film will take place before Hendrix got famous, which is a pretty convenient workaround for not having the rights to his music. Check it out on September 26th.

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