Anderson Cooper Kicks 'Barbie Mom' Off His Show

He calls his guest "dreadful!" How delightfully Victorian! Anderson Cooper, in addition to becoming a John Slattery-like sex symbol among middle-aged women and probably more than a few bashful men, is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining talk show hosts around. Not entertaining in a Geraldo Rivera-jackass type way, but in that he manages to balance his decorum with an ability to get completely awed by the weirdness of what he has to report. This time it's "Barbie Mom," aka Sarah Burge, a woman who has gone to lengths to make herself look like Barbie. Which is stupid and fine, I guess, but Cooper draws the line when she talks about sticking Botox in her 15 year-old daughter to get her to stop sweating during pageants, kicking her off in what would be a vulgar display of power by AC standards. Take a look.

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Jason Momoa Talks About 'Conan', 'Expendables', And Beer

Momoa sounds a little cocky. You'd be cocky too if you were Conan. Superficially, Jason Momoa sounds like a real privileged jerk during his Q&A at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. Note the "sounds like." For a muscular dude, recently greeted with success, it's easy to dismiss his fame as the result of dumb luck and...maybe dumb person. However, in context, his self-aggrandizing proclamations aren't only legit, but they're somewhat endearing. The guys wants little more than to enjoy his success (He's the first one to ridicule the fact that he was on Baywatch. Cause if he didn't, we would), and to drink two buckets of beer in Austin before staying up all night and catching a flight to New York for more junkets for Conan. Perhaps if this was a higher quality video, it would resonate more. But the fact remains that the guy caught a wave of luck recently, playing a (rather) silent giant in Game of Thrones, and now headlining a potential franchise as Conan. If you're not a fan of the genre or his "acting," it's understandable. But don't fault the guy for playing it too cool while riding a wave of success. Sure. We all hate this type of guy. But if you're will to invest $11 in Conan, or an hour in an episode of Game of Thrones, reserve judgment on the guy that manges to entertain, no matter how big his muscles are, or how long his hair is. In the interest of full disclosure, all SJ employees agree - his hair is too long, and his muscles too big. (Editor's Note: The editor fears Jason Monmoa, and thinks he should wear his hair any way he wants.)


Bradley Cooper Whores Himself Out To Big Pharmaceutical

In this faux pharmaceutical commercial, Bradley Cooper sells the life-changing drug NZT. The pill makes you sharper, stronger, faster, and smarter and Bradley Cooperier than you ever thought possible. This is a pretty cool way to promote the new film Limitless. In this faux pharmaceutical commercial, Bradley Cooper sells the life-changing drug NZT. The pill makes you sharper, stronger faster, and smarter and Bradley Cooperier than you ever thought possible. It awakens the full potential of brain, allowing you to gain super-human abilities. You'll master any language and remember everything you've ever seen or heard. Of course, with these pluses there are also minuses. Among them are paralysis, psychosis, homicidal blackouts, amnesia, irreversible coma, and death. Another unfortunate side effect of remembering everything you've ever seen or heard, is you'll never forget watching Case 39. But, hey, no diarrhea so that's good. (Movie Viral)


Bradley Cooper Rocks Some Air Guitar On 'Fallon'

While looking like Sean Penn from 'Carlito's Way'. Taking a break from what must be a pretty PR tour for American Sniper, Bradley Cooper decided to cut loose, put on a big afro wig and pretend to play some Neils Young on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon just has a way of getting celebrities to do dumb stuff for our amusement. Good for him! The track Bradley Cooper chose to rock out to was Neil Young's "Down by the River." I think Cooper did a pretty good job. He's not gonna win the Air Guitar Championships, but entering wouldn't be a waste of his time.


Screen Junkies Show: Watching Fifty Shades of Grey with My Mom!

To celebrate Mother's Day, we flew Hal Rudnick's mom into town - but only if they'd watch Fifty Shades of Grey together. It gets awkward. To celebrate Mother's Day, we flew Hal Rudnick's mom into town - but only if they'd watch Fifty Shades of Grey together. It gets awkward. Get Screen Junkies Gear! ?? Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Watch more Honest Trailers ??


Paul Walker Borrows Mom's Car In 'Vehicle 19' Trailer

More like Paul Driver. Vehicle 19 seems to start out as most Paul Walker movies do with Paul Walker getting out of prison and having his plans of walking the line messed up by getting into some trouble that requires him to drive quickly. However, this time there's a twist. In Vehicle 19, Paul Walker MUST. DRIVE. A. MINIVAN. How is he supposed to protect a key witness from a villainous police force and blow stuff up without a vehicle capable of speed boosts and drifting? This is the most embarrassing thing to happen to a cast member of The Fast and the Furious since Vin Diesel had to drive that minivan in The Pacifier. At this point, he's done so many driving movies, I'm not certain he really has legs. O, the irony of being a Walker.


Bradley Cooper And Emma Stone Say 'Aloha' In The Trailer For Cameron Crowe's Next Film

Let's join a bunch of celebrities in Hawaii, ok? We've got the trailer for Cameron Crowe's upcoming film Aloha, starring, among others, Bradley Cooper, Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, and Bill Murray. You would think with all that talent behind it, we'd get a film (or at least a trailer) that has a little more nuance to it. Cooper plays a disenfranchised military guy who returns to his job and boss in Hawaii. McBride plays the best friend, and Emma Stone plays a comically attractive military liaison whose job it is to point out all the obvious tropes and cliches in this film. It looks likable, but Aloha, at least from this trailer, doesn't seem to have much weight behind it. It looks like well-worn territory for Crowe, and with Cooper coming off of American Sniper, I think this might not hold up so well.


Bradley Cooper Makes Louis C.K. Look Like A Reeaalll Dipsh*t

With a little help from the universe. You have to be careful what you say on British radio. During an appearance on The Stephen Merchant Show, Louis C.K. shared his view that audience members who ask questions on Inside The Actor's Studio will never go on to fame. “There’s no way you ask Sean Penn a question and then you’re going to be huge,” he said while obviously not taking into account Bradley Cooper's hypnotic blue eyes. As the video above puts together, the universe is a large, strange place that will slap you in the face if you dare to defy it. Much like James Lipton.