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‘American Horror Story': Meet The Family

Allow us to introduce you to the family featured in American Horror Story, the Harmons. They may not look like it, but they’re very, very happy to have you as a guest in their scary ass house.

(Check out these ‘American Horror Story’ viral clues‘)

Between this little teaser and the “clues” that we posted about yesterday, this show is shaping up to really raise the bar for horror on TV. Now, we don’t know a thing about the premise, beyond “it’s a family that moves into a haunted house,” but the production designs and cast have been enough so far to ensure that we keep our eyes on this until the October 5th premiere on FX.

As we see from this video, we’ve got Dylan McDermott as the patriarch, and Connie Britton as the mom, supported by Jessica Lange, Jamie Harris, a bunch of disembodied arms and legs, and everyone’s favorite vampire encased in concrete, Denis O’Hare.

How much you wanna bet theĀ kidsĀ are home schooled?


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