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Boo Boo Assassinates Yogi Like a Boss

Few things represent a more perfect blend of morbidity, humor, and the corruption of one’s childhood memories than watching cartoon characters kill each other. In this alleged alternate ending to Yogi Bear, America’s favorite forest-dwelling picnic enthusiast is recast in the form of a troubled outlaw with a hankering for sweet, sweet death. Young Boo Boo, the Robert Ford to Yogi’s Jesse James, is there to deliver Yogi unto his maker.

In case you’re behind on your westerns, the clip is a parody of the acclaimed 2007 film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. And while comedia Paul Scheer is telling everyone that this is a genuine alternate ending to Yogi Bear, in reality the parody is the work of rogue animator Edmund Earle, whose name appears at the end of the clip. Bravo, Mr. Earle. Now make Tangled a story about a girl dealing with teenage pregnancy. (SlashFilm)

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