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Aliens Trash Our Best Beaches In Second ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer

Aaron Eckhart may not get to run around and terrorize Batman again, but at least he gets the chance to defend Coffee Bean from outer space invaders. We have another trailer for Battle: Los Angeles that ditches the auto-tuned folk song in favor of a voice-over from John Larroquette. Okay, it’s probably not Larroquette but sounds close enough to his Texas Chainsaw voice-over, so I’m calling it.

Here we see aliens attack major beaches (and cities) across the globe. As the trailer tells us, they conquer Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, Rio, and New York. That is why we cannot afford to lose Los Angeles. Also, because that’s where “Weird” Al Yankovic lives. If we can’t keep our premier song parody artist safe, the aliens have already won.

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