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Aliens Looking For A Fight In ‘Attack The Block’ Trailer

Ever since Shaun Of The Dead, people have wondered, “Hey, when will we get something else like Shaun Of The Dead?” The answer is, right now.

The producers of that film are back with Attack The Block. The Inner City takes on Outer Space when an alien species heretofor unknown to science attacks project housing in South London. The residents rise up to become unlikely heroes although they’d rather stay home and play FIFA. You may be curious why Nick Frost appears as a guy who pals around with children but you can relax. He’s merely there to sell them drugs. No funny stuff.

It looks like fun summer entertainment. Early reviews are great, so here’s hoping it does well with American audiences as well. Otherwise, it will be filed away with Club Dread in the Films We Never Speak Of bin. (Empire)

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