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‘Alice In Wonderland’ Trailer 2 = Trailer 1 with Bonus Footage!

Spike TV hit us with the good stuff last on the Scream Awards, and no I’m not talking about the captivating evening of the award show itself. We get another look at basically the first trailer for Alice in Wonderland, except this time the producers threw in some extra tiny morsels to place on tip of your tongue and let melt into your bloodstream.

All the classic Tim Burton elements are present, except of course for Johnny Depp who, wait a minute, is that Depp in creepy contact lenses?! Well this changes everything. Whether or not you think Alice is going to be awesome it’s probably going to be awesome, and if you bet against it you will surely suffer the consequences of your friends’ ridicule and swift punches to your vital organs. Hey, I don’t know the content of your friends’ characters.

Never bet against Burton.


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