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ALF Does Coke, Drops ‘N-Bomb’ in Awesome Outtake Footage

And you thought ALF was just a lovable alien puppet. Turns out he’s actually a drug-crazed bigot.

In this insane outtake from the popular 80’s TV show, the puppet can be seen cursing, simulating coke use, and dropping racial slurs. Will this have the same affect on ALF’s career that it did for Mel Gibson and Michael Richards? Only time will tell.

In all fairness, ALF is actually mimicking a character with Tourettes Syndrome on another 80’s show, “L.A. Law.” He’s not just randomly dropping the “N-Bomb” (Click here to see the character in question). Someone tell Al Sharpton before he goes and takes a dump on ALF’s lawn. (Collider)

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  1. December 21, 2010 3:00 pm


    Umm he was acting like he had Tourettes which was also an episode airing on LA Law at the same time. It was funny. Its troubling people was to through around words like bigot and racist at the drop of the hat. Slander is worse.

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